Manipulative Aliens: Gay Male Gets Abducted

Mainstream media and the scientific Establishments likes to keep telling us that we, humans, are "still in search for other intelligent life" in the universe.  However, humans who have been subjected to horrific alien abduction experience like those documented by Brian Eveshi in the following passage on 2 June 2018 would be among those humans that would affirm such a claim to be a lie.

They are always the same. Long, blackish, very thin fingers constantly move about my floating, paralyzed body. They stand about 3 feet tall. Dozens of them. There is always a mentoring mantis-type in the background that exudes unconditional love and I trust him. Much of this happens in a trance-like state that I remember parts of in the morning. They come and get me out of bed.

I asked why I had to be asleep most of the time and they answered, telepathically, that my physical mind would be unable to assimilate their vibration. I only faintly remember being on craft, round, ethereal, no instrumentation, a few things sticking out of the floor. The craft is alive and conscious. They do not look me in the eye, the larger beings (typical Greys) do and that is CREEPY as hell.

They tell me that I agreed to this 'taking' before I was incarnated. It feels that way. Supposedly, I am part of a larger agenda of genetic manipulation of their own species for their species survival.

wow - can't believe I am typing this.


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