Abductee Affirms That Aliens Live Under The Ocean

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A few weeks ago, on 27 April 2018, journalist Callum Hoare published on British online newspaper The Daily Star a very interesting report about the curious case of a man from Batumi, Georgia, who affirmed to have been abducted by aliens that took him to a secret base located under the ocean.

“Aliens have been living among humans and studying us for years from the depths of the oceans, according to one conspiracist”, the article states. “Video footage shows the back of the bloke from Batumi, Georgia, whose name we do not know as he discusses his wild theory. He has decided to share his story with YouTube channel Paranormal Elite of what he believes to be an alien abduction.

The unnamed individual asserted that he was on the beach when he saw “a light which was shining from the deep of the water”.

“It was night, and all of my friends were sleeping. I went to the beach and took my shoes off to walk on the water. Suddenly, I saw a light which was shining from the deep of the water and I saw something huge coming from the sea”, the Georgian said. “I was paralysed, I could not even breath. I was speechless, and I was just looking at that flat, ellipse machine”, he added.

Then, the man explained that a mysterious light beam approached him and grabbed his body. “It was levitating on the water and I felt a light coming from the machine grab me from the ground and took me to the spaceship”, he asserted. “When I was inside of it, plenty of gadgets and different displays were there. I noticed pictures of sharks and octopus. They were exploring and understanding our oceans”, he continued.

According, to the article, the video “racked up more than 1,000 hits” and has provoked very interesting reactions. “Sounds pretty accurate”, said one of the viewers. “I believe in you, man”, wrote another YouTube user.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/697505/Alien-news-man-abducted-extraterrestrial-life-underwater-Black-Sea-Georgia-video



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