Man Describes How Reptilian Aliens Manipulate Humans

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On 12 April, user Humaine published on famous conspiracy website The Black Vault a very interesting story on the nature of reptilian aliens and how they operate from other dimensions.

He recalled a close encounter he recently had with four of these beings, and what they did to him. “There were four entities in every corner of my room, at the ceiling. I was wondering who they were and asked them (with telepathy) what they were expecting. They talked, and tried to put some thoughts into my mind, things I don't remember because I often refuse contacts with entities from the afterlife, I hate that kind of contacts, but as I can see other dimensions, it happens sometimes. So I said: ‘stop talking to me now! I don't understand and I don't want to hear you, just go away!’”, the man stated.

“Then after having said that, these four entities disappeared and instead of them, there was a reptilian looking at me very badly. I could feel he was very angry because I could refuse the manipulation he had tried to put into my brain. He thought I won't be aware enough to stop this mascarade of entities (they wanted me to believe there were good ones). I said: ‘go away from me, you haven't the right to approach me, now go back where you came from!’", he added.

In the opinion of the internet user, there is a strong link between reptilian aliens and evil entities. According to him, these beings try to manipulate humans in order to cause damage. However, he says, “they can't do to us [humans] anything when we fight mentally. We have to order them to stop and to leave”.

“I noticed too that the reptilians have emotions, bad emotions (unlike the greys who have no emotions at all). The reptilians hate us; it is incredible to feel how much they do”, he explained.

Other users supported these statements, too. For example, Bobdrake commented: “there are many intelligent species.  Some live in ethical confederations and some in unethical confederations”. It  seems very likely that the reptilians belong to the last mentioned

Draw your own conclusions…

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