Former Military Cadet Recalls Seeing Two-Dimensional Alien

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In the following report filed on, a former cadet recalls witnessing an apparent two-dimensional alien.

So I've tried asking people on youtube if they know anything about of what I experienced but so far no one has said anything. So I'm giving this forum a shot at maybe giving me more insight or meeting people who have seen similar things. Here goes.

Till this day I can't fully explain what I saw, its been 14 years since it happened. I was attending Military School in upstate NY. Me and two friends decided to go AWOL( absent without leave) at 1 or 2 in the morning to find a store that might be open to buy snacks. There was a nearby town but when we got there nothing was opened (it was a small town, we should have figured nothing would have be opened that late). On our way back we were passing some houses. I was the first to notice a light beside a parked car. What was strange was that the light was not reflecting off the car but was next to the car. I stopped and pointed to it. One of the people with me couldn't believe that it wasn't just a reflection and denied it being strange but as we kept watching it, it got stranger. It was floating next to the car and then the floating light stretched tall and started moving. It moved like a person. You could make out legs and arms but it was really thin from the sides. It then stopped and faced our direction and you could see the outline of a very tall human like shape but it was made of light. When it turned from us it was paper thin again. It was like in 2 dimensions instead of 3. It walked a few more steps and the light collapsed on itself and disappeared. Even the person that didn't believe it at first was so scared that he ran when we ran. I've been looking everywhere to see if any one else had anything similar to what I've seen but yet have seen or heard anything like it. If anyone has some insight please share.

This is an unedited report to help ensure you're presented with an authentic message from the alleged eyewitness.



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