Witness Recalls Fast-Moving Alien Artificial Intelligence Spying on Neighbour

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In the following TheBlackVault.com report, an eyewitness recalls an AI spying on a neighbour.  Nigel Kerner has spoke and written extensively on such regressive aliens.

I saw an alien about 2 years ago. 

So I was at a party and I went to pee outside.  There was a grey alien just standing in the next door neighbors back yard facing their back window looking into the neighbors house watching them watch TV.  It turned its head and noticed me. The instant we made eye contact it bolted into the woods behind him.  It had a large head very skinny body skinny neck under 5 ft tall if I had to guess.  This thing was insanely faster than anything ive ever seen and at an instant it accelerates.  It didnt turn around to run however.  It ran backwards while its arms head and torso shifted around mid way running.  Sort of gumby-like.  It didnt have joints the way a human does.  Needless to say if this thing attacked u you would have zero chance of survival.  You wouldnt be able to react fast enough to do anything. It didn’t hurt me or anything It was just observing the people in the house.  Another friend in the area had seen one also on a seperate occasion very close time frame to mine.  He was freaked out talking about it.  It’s pretty difficult to explain it to other people because you just sound nuts.  This occured in an extremely rural part of my town.


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