University of Ottawa Grad Studies' Bait and Switch Scam Against Applicants

Are you considering applying for a University of Ottawa Graduate Studies program?  Perhaps you're attracted to admissions requirements in one of the programs?

Based upon the experience of my friend with the PhD program of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa, you might want to think again.  The officially advertised requirements of U of O's Faculty of Law program makes no mention of needing to have an undergraduate degree.

Thinking that this could have been just an accident, so he consulted with the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law.  They very much encouraged him to apply, saying that he not having an LLB is no problem.  They directed him to pay a $100 application fee saying that from the looks of it he would make a great candidate with his background compensating for not having a LLB.

Everyone at Graduate Studies was apparently quite friendly until he sent in his $100 fee and things went to the Admissions committee.  There he was told by a Professor who is a part of the committee that their committee didn't even look at his application because he had no LLB.

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law's Professor Ravi Malhotra tried to apparently perpetrate a lie by claiming that "other factors were considered".  But this professor's colleague who was there during the committee's review already confirmed the U of O's sordid process.

He tried to get a refund, but they refused, as one would expect such a scammy organization that is engaged in the illegal practice of "baiting and switching".

So, if you're thinking of applying to a University of Ottawa's Grad Studies program, you might wish to consider whether you may also be scammed.


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