Ethical Extraterrestrials Watch as Humans Allow Alien Take-Over of Ottawa Man Through Dreams

When many of us look up at the skies at night, most of us assume that star systems along with planets light up our skies.  However, according to Alex Collier at least some of these lights are reflections of orbiting hostile and not hostile alien space stations observing our human activities.  Alex Collier who has reportedly been invited to an orbiting space station of Ethical Extraterrestrials remarked on how they were observing us through visual monitors in much the same way we watch TV.

There has apparently been much dismay among Off-World Ethical Humanoids at how we, as humans have allowed a reported "federation" of hostile interdimensional beings to manipulate us into pursuing the destruction of our planet and each other.  Dr. Michael Salla has presented this "federation" in his "Typology of Extraterrestrials".

One such case that is apparently being observed is how we, as humans, are allowing an apparent race of hostile aliens to expedite an invasion of Earth, with relatively little effort among us, as humans, to stop it except for the notable effort of one human who has been able to accomplish little on his own.  That human is Raymond.

When most humans think of an "alien invasion" they tend to picture huge fleets of UFOs raining down from the sky like those portrayed in science fiction movies.  However, what most of us humans don't seem to know is that the invasion seems to be happening now.  Rather than UFOs raining down from the skies, an invasion of Earth is underway, and it is been waged against humans literally while they sleep!

Humans are apparently being targeted all over the planet for "assimilation".  Many of these humans are in key areas of influence so they can expedite Earth's take over.  These apparently include police officers, judges, managers of corporations, members of militaries and world leaders.

Ethical Extraterrestrials are encouraged that at least one example of this hostile alien attack has been spotted but are apparently dismayed that the lack of any effort among a group of humans to do anything to help this human resist their alien take over will allow the take-over to continue.

Horace Carby-Samuels is the Ottawa man who is losing the battle to prevent his conscience from being taken-over by this race of hostile aliens.  In the apparent view of Ethical Extraterrestrials, we, as humans, must show a willingness to "help ourselves" by helping to rescue humans like Horace Carby-Samuels, before these Ethical Extraterrestrials can possibly teach us how, we, as humans can elevate our own consciousness to resist the broader war of the current quiet invasion of Earth that's taking place.

Ethical Extraterrestrials are apparently concerned about the efficacy of teaching us how to tap into our own ability to resist the dark forces of aliens operating through human bodies on the planet if we, as humans, having been now alerted to this invasion continue to show a lack of willingness to help mount an alien resist resistance toward the liberation of Horace Carby-Samuels, his wife, Dezrin and other humans who are being subjugated and used for advancement in an "Alien Quiet Revolution".

Once Horace Carby-Samuels is free, we, as humans would be able to gain the knowledge necessary in learning alien invasion tactics through dream states that can in turn be used by us, as humans, to possibly reverse the take over of other humans.

It is through own minds, as humans, and not through the physical projection of force that aliens trick us into relying upon through a perpetuated scenario of war on our planet, must be, as humans, begin a process to reverse the current hostile but quiet alien take over of our planet.

Horace first started to have what he considered to be benign contacts with what he described as aliens through his dreams which he further described as occupying "multidimensional space".  These contacts have taken place over years and began after a "Near Death" out-of-body experience that Horace had in the 1960s while studying in British Columbia for his MSc.

Horace credited these aliens for "saving his life".  But, many years after supposedly saving his life, it seems that these aliens came for "pay back".  It's seems that these aliens now came to "collect" and wanted his "body".  Raymond, his son, became concerned, did some research and found out that "Near Death Experiences" are a technique often used by a race of demonic alien artificial intelligences that today are often linked to alien abductions.  In the Christian Bible, its writers refer to these demonic entities as fallen angels because they use their simulation capabilities to appear to humans as "angels" but they are far from it.

Horace had been a devout Christian.  He could easily recite whole verses of the Bible.  So when this race of aliens falsely began to present themselves as "angels" seeking to save his life and then guide him on "missions", it's apparent that Horace could easily be manipulated.

The symptoms of the alien take over of Horace began to expedite when Horace allowed these fallen angel entities to step into his conscious mind.  He began to day dream and get spaced out like someone who was experiencing some kind of altered state of consciousness from drugs.

Within weeks, Horace began to get hysterical because it began to appear that these aliens were not content to relegate themselves to his day dreaming but now wanted his whole mind.

This is when Horace began to reach out to other humans for help.  But everyone ignored him except Raymond his son, who was chased away by "alien sleepers" locally within the Ottawa Police and among lawyers who had already been taken over by these entities.

Horace help that he sought began with continued rants about the "Extraterrestrial threat".  Everyone, except his son, ignored him.

As a race of aliens began to expedite their take over of Horace, he began to have increasing episodes of violence.  Every time the alien consciousness took over his body, Raymond could see it begin with bulging eyes.  Horace turned to abuse against his wide Dezrin and violence which included a bodily assault against Raymond on 29 January 2013 when Raymond expressed a concern to Horace about his episodes of violence against Dezrin.

Raymond's efforts to protect his Mom brought out other "zombie-fied" humans that sought to welcome Horace as their latest recruit.  "Zombie-fied" humans led by Ottawa Police officer Robert Griffin Jr arranged for the unlawful eviction of Raymond, which was further supported by Bell Baker, a law firm in Ottawa apparently working to support "alien interests".

When Raymond sought to challenge these "zombie-fied" humans in Court, it became apparent that some judges apparently had also been taken over by a race of aliens.

Just before Raymond has been evicted by these alien zombie-fied humans, he also began to notice paranormal activities in Horace's and Dezrin's home as if this house was being used as some sort of "interdimensional gateway" to enable the activities of these aliens against our human sovereignty and free will.

After Horace in his zombie-fied state with the apparent alien sleepers in the Ottawa Police evicted Raymond in late April 2015, within weeks, Dezrin, his Mom, lost the ability to walk, write or talk under the perpetuated abuse of Horace.

It is apparent that this race of aliens that has sought to take over Horace feeds in part from "negative energy" that manifests from, human suffering.

When Raymond presented the note from Dezrin to Robert Griffin Jr, that "Dad Abuses Me" this apparent "alien sleeper" simply ignored the note, and coordinated efforts among apparent alien sleeper lawyers to keep Raymond from "interfering" with the alien take over of Horace and their exploitation of the pain and suffering they have sought to perpetuate against Dezrin.

If you think this may be a joke, just watch the above video that these same aliens tried to get deleted,  It shows how a once mild mannered Horace by 2016 became "converted" into an angry psychopath that prevented both Ottawa Police officers and his son Raymond from simply checking on the well-being of Dezrin who has been the corresponding victim of alien abuse.

Rather than humans seeking to rally together to help Raymond in his efforts to seek Justice against the hostile forces that seek to exploit both Horace and Dezrin, Ethical Extraterrestrials have observed humans carry on without any regard to the current alien invasion.

It is apparent that if we, as humans continue to ignore the peril faced by Horace and Dezrin in the current alien invasion of unwary humans through dream states, we as humans will have surrendered the complete take over of government, corporations, militaries, police, court system and other key institutions to what ancient Pagan Gnostics described as 'archons' or more specifically the "humanized faces of regressive demonic aliens".  The ancient Pagan Gnostics often referred to these entities that they discovered in their own dream states as "artificial man" because these entities appeared in human form but were commanded by an artificial intelligence that lacked the 'Divine Soul" of humans as a spiritual-biological consciousness.  As spiritual biological consciousness, empathy, love and peace are innate within us.  However, as beings of free will, we are allowing races of aliens to "fatten us up" with materialistic comforts which are to be all destroyed through Armageddon once the aliens have fully "positioned" themselves.

In the video below, former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer suggests these aliens seek to fully begin to implement their sought takeover in 2018 - this year!

It may be now or never for humans to first liberate and debrief Horace and Dezrin that remain subjugated by an alien-imposed quarantine at their Kanata home under the "watchful eye" of "Detective Griffin" who in an apparent rogue operative in the Ottawa Police.

Quickly 'Debriefing" both Horace and Dezrin of the first hand experiences of an apparent race of hostile aliens may be vital to our survival as humans on our planet Earth.

However, the failure of Raymond to generate the kind of support among humans necessary to liberate his parents from an apparent hostile race of aliens provides Ethical Extraterrestrials with little hope that humans have what it takes to prevent Earth's take over which Horace has shown is apparently underway.


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