Tech Companies Work with China to Promote Global Censorship

China is currently being used as a testing ground for police state censorship technology, says Mike Adams, a writer for  Top tech companies are working diligently with China to steal the elections and destroy the United States of America. When this technology is perfected, companies such as Apple, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, intend to put it to use in America.

The article suggests that the censorship purge now being witnessed in America is a communist China “blueprint” that’s being deployed against the American people as part of a literal “information warfare” (infowar) chapter of an escalating world war on freedom and liberty.

China has long censored what people can read and view online within their borders, now it has been noticed that the country is trying to move beyond this to also try to censor what people and companies from other countries are saying about it online.

China uses the Great Firewall to exert digital control, this technology enables the government to limit what people can see online. Lately they have also begun to broaden their censorship efforts by attempting to monitor what its citizens are saying on non-Chinese applications.

China would occasionally pressure companies like Google and Facebook, both blocked in China, to delete particular content that do not meet their censorship requirements. Sometimes it would also push social media users themselves to inspire self-censorship.

It can be recalled that The New York Times had earlier in March, shared the story of Mr. Zhang Guanghongwho was one of the first known cases of the Chinese government monitoring speech in non-Chinese sites. Mr. Zhang, a Chinese human rights activist, decided last fall to share an article with a group of friends in and outside China that criticized China’s president. In doing this, he used WhatsApp, an American app used by almost no one in China.

Months later, Mr. Zhang was detained in China; to be charged with insulting China’s government and the Communist Party. The evidence, according to his lawyer, included printouts of what Mr. Zhang shared and said in the WhatsApp group.

China tech experts said the information on Mr. Zhang bust have been obtained wither by hacking his phone or through a spy in the group chat.

Tech companies do not wat to displease the Chinese government as most of these companies would want to tap into China’s huge internet market which holds over 700 million people. These companies seek to please the communist government by bending the rules however China sees fit, refusing to get the American involved lest it turns into a political war where the companies stand to gain nothing. “Facebook created a censorship tool it did not use and released an app in the country without putting its name to it. Apple is moving data storage for its Chinese customers into China and last year took down software that skirts China’s internet blocks from its China App Store. Google recently said it would open a new artificial intelligence lab in the country.” Reports Sim Chi Yin, writer for the New York Times.


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