Aliens: Global Warming Linked to Rolling Planet, Not CO2 suggests Inuit and others

Are you like me that knows that "global warming" and "climate change" exist but doubt the integrity of the elites who champion "greenhouse gases" as the primary cause?

With little effort, it's readily apparent that elites are behind a mass deception on what the real cause of climate change is.

Indeed, the same muti-millionaires and even multi-billionaires which champion the greenhouse gas theory have been deeply affiliated with various parts of the political-military-industrial complex that have been responsible for much environmental destruction including greenhouse gas emissions.

As they sound the alarm bells about "climate change" they seem to be doing little to stop it other than "carbon tax" schemes which make money for some but offer little in the rescuing of our planet.

Inuit live on top of our planet toward the North pole and have been there for many, many centuries.

They know what's really going on with climate change.  They see the mysterious changes of the horizon.

Then there's the whistleblowers like those in the above video -- a former EPA scientists which was fired for seeking to draw attention to geo-engineering of our planet.

Inuit and other researchers suggest that our planet Earth is being rolled over.

Yes, you have heard right!

So the ice caps are melting not apparently because of "greenhouse gas" emissions but as a result of an effort through alien technology to roll over the planet so the Arctic is tipped closer to the sun and parts of the Earth like Canada and the U.S. are moved in the direction of the Equator.

You might be wondering why it's s hot.  But maybe you're in a part of the globe where the Caribbean should be and just don't know it?

The result of an apparent "wobbling" and rolling of the normal trajectory of our planet Earth has resulted in climatic instability.

U.S. author Angellica Goodson-Lord suggests that a collaboration of elites who secretly are linked to a behind-the-scenes Nazi cult along with manipulative aliens are seeking to intentionally cause a Polar Shift that will technologically recreate the "End of Times" destruction.

However, some people believe that the Earth's wobbling has been caused by the approaching of planet X - an alien inhabited planet - which will result in the substantive destruction of Earth.

You might think this sounds crazy.

But it's apparent that the elites know something that we don't and have been building underground facilities to protect themselves according to Jesse Ventura's report below.


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