Calgary: Anti-Immigration Group Gets Shouted Down

A Calgary-based organization with extreme right wing views were shouted down by protesters at their event last Sunday the 19th of August 2018, as police kept watch.

National Post reports that five members of the National Citizens Alliance tried to hold a rally at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, but a much larger group of 60 to 80 protesters showed up and interrupted their plans. Police say the organizers left the area, and protesters dispersed shortly afterward.

The rally was earlier scheduled at the same venue for the previous day but they had to cancel and reschedule after a group of protesters shouted them down.

“In June, they tried to gather in a central Halifax park after being denied the use of three indoor venues,” the report says “but they ended up leaving after they were quickly outnumbered by protesters.”

The group which believes that extreme multiculturalism is a failed policy, wrote on its Facebook pace, “all Canadians to join us in our mission to return Canada to the country it was intended to be.”

The group was founded by Stephen J Garvey, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, and University of Cambridge. It claims to be non-tolerant of hate and racism, ironically the immigration policy on the group’s website reads:

  • Implement strong no nonsense immigration policy that puts the well-being and safety of the Canadian people first and a temporary pause and substantial reduction in immigration The group takes its anti-immigration policies seriously claiming that they want to protect Canada’s heritage and culture by keeping out immigrants. Some of their policies on immigration however come across as disregarding basic human rights. Some of their migration policies include:
  • Screening newcomers before entering Canada based upon a willingness to embrace Canada’s distinct traditional identities, heritages, and cultural norms
  • Creating a support network for newcomers who have a genuine interest in integration that goes against their traditional homeland culture and religious norms
  • Requiring applicants who cannot immediately integrate into our economic, social and cultural norms to have Canadian citizens who sponsor them and who will be accountable for their actions while in Canada for 2 years; screening sponsors for a political agenda that seeks to recruit news arrivals for socioeconomic activism and the level of their own integration into Canada
  • Restricting or suspending indefinitely immigration rights to individuals from nations prone to terrorism activities, and/or those who have values and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to our own values and beliefs
  • Prohibiting people from wearing the burqa and niqab in public spaces
  • Deporting new arrivals who fail over a reasonable amount of time to integrate into our traditional economic, social, and cultural norms; establish a program that will check in on new arrivals who have been sponsored to assess their ability to integrate.

The group had earlier on in May, tried to carry out an anti-immigration rally at the Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival parade in Kentville, N.S. but were quickly shut down and banned from future performances at the festival. Michael Boudreau, a professor in the criminology department at St. Thomas University, speaking to CBC.Ca had then suggested that the group might be a little desperate for funding hence the frequent rallies.


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