Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin Perpetuates Woman's Abuse -- And Gets Paid For It

Are you seeking to perpetuate the abuse of women?

Do you like to interfere in the efforts of social workers to prevent a woman from being abused by her husband to the point that woman can no longer walk write or talk?

Do you like to threaten people to keep silent on a husband abusing his wife?

Do you like to protect men who abuse their wife for whatever reason?

If so, I have an amazing job for you.

Join the Ottawa Police.

Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin could be your source of inspiration.

He has over three years of experience perpetuating abuse against Dezrin Carby-Samuels in Ottawa.

And he's getting reportedly paid over $120,000 for having perpetuated abuse for more than three years!

So don't delay, and start getting paid TODAY for human rights abuses and criminal conspiracy!

Ottawa Police officers don't need to worry about accountability.

They are a law onto themselves!  In fact, they are apparently above the law, and they have local media to thank for that.

Ottawa Police also have great experience beating-up and murdering people in cold blood in broad daylight as Abdi had found out in 2016.

And you have a protective Ottawa Police Chief in Charles Bordeleau to thank for that.

The Office of the Chief of Ottawa Police will make sure to say that whatever you do, it was "justifiable" and "in the line of duty".

Isn't great, Detective Robert Griffin to get paid for what you apparently do so well?


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