Alien Invasion in Fall Is On Its Way As World War III Says Former Defence Minister - 15 Backdrops

The Hon Paul Hellyer who had once been Canadian Defence Minister has alluded to an actually planned scenario championed by elites on Earth for manipulative aliens to invade Earth in the Fall of 2018.

If you don't believe, watch the above video.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?  But I know Paul Hellyer well.  He's very meticulous about what he eats, when he eats and he's as 'straight' as an arrow.  And if he says that the "aliens are coming in 2018" this is no joke.

Furthermore, Paul Hellyer is not some "kook" obsessed about UFOs but an actual former Minister of a NATO country who has enjoyed many connections with the Establishment.  Mr Hellyer has named all the specific demonic alien races working for "God" in a World War III "false flag" scenario.

Furthermore in the video below, the confidant of von Braun has confirmed that 9/11 and the subsequent "War on Terrorism" have been all designed to lead to World War III in the form of a "War of the Worlds" hatched between political-military-industrial complexes and manipulative aliens.

The apparent goal is to scare humans into seeing a planetary military dictatorship under the same Nazis who coordinated World War III as the only "logical" way to protect humans from a future alien attack.

Most people would probably laugh at this scenario.  But as I indicated based upon representation ranging from von Braun's confidant to Paul Hellyer, please rest assured there's nothing to laugh at there.

The following are critical considerations in trying to appreciate the broader context of this scenario.

Most people who believe there's some kind UFO or alien cover-up dubiously assume that these same elites are not lying about other parts of reality.

What we, as humans, revere to be "science" as the basis for appreciating our reality fail to recognize that the Establishment of science are motivated to publish and disclose.  Common assumptions that people have from 'conventional science' have all apparent been filtered by manipulative aliens that seek to conceal their activities on Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond according to many investigative researchers who include David Icke, Nigel Kerner and Dr. Michael Salla.

Conventional science, as we know it that has sought to ignore the reality of the existence of alien sightings and activities on this planet has been impregnated by lies and manipulations of fact.

Here are vital considerations that we, as humans, need to consider before we can even contemplate the apparent scenario of a reportedly plan orchestrated alien "false flag" attack as Word War III -- Indeed, David Icke as reported that "all three Word Wars" have been planned -

1 - The reported coming World War III scenario involving an orchestrated alien invasion scenario is part of the cyclical take over aliens which last occurred during the the reign of the pharaoh in Egypt which perpetrated the enslavement of humans to alien overlords. 

- Elites have sought to cover-up archaeological evidence of orchestrated wars with aliens followed by periods of mass enslavement.

2 - We, as humans currently live in an artificially-induced state of consciousness.

- How we currently perceive the world along with the assumptions we make about it are completely inconsistent with the actual facts and truths from which the world around us is operating.

- The "Mandela Effect" in one apparent example pointing to an artificially-induced state of consciousness.

3 - As humans, we neither "evolved" from a monkey-like state nor were we created by the God depicted in organized religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

- Humans today were abducted and then genetically "de-evolved" from a race of humans who were telepaths who sought to live in balance with nature and had great mental and other capabilities

- The so-called "Theory of Evolution" on human origins was faked in order to support a march toward unhealthy industrialization and "modernity" that would encourage humans to regard artificial intelligence as superior to humans and other biological life.  This process of socially engineering humans to assimilate into an artificial intelligence Matrix

4 - The "Big Bang" theory for the origins of the universe is a lie.

- The universe and its component parts including solar systems are entirely artificial and that is betrayed by their geometric configurations which suggest an artificial intelligence at work.

5. - "God" as presented by conventional organized religion is the consciousness of this universe excluding the biological life forms abducted into this universe.

- "Man was not created in God's image.  Rather, "God" manifests through the demonic aliens that humans have reported seeing.  God as humans understand "God" is the sophisticated artificial intelligence of a living universe rather than a universe which consists mostly of inanimate matter.

6 - The demonic "God" of this universe was called the "Demiurge" by the ancient Pagan Gnostics.

- The demonic artificial intelligence which is the consciousness of this universe has sought to exploit and conduct medical experiments against humans and has sought to portray itself as the "God of humans"  as part of a concerted effort to manipulate humans through "fallen angels"

7 - The Demiurge is a wannabee "God" according to the ancient Pagan Gnostics that is a psychopath that is jealous of the "divine souls" that is within humans and other biological life forms which enables humans to experience reality that the Demiurge and its spawned demonic aliens can't.

- Humans were abducted into this universe and put under the control of Nazis which perpetuate wars and manifest other human crisis on our Planet that has been executed in behalf of the manipulative aliens and their "God" which the ancient Pagan Gnostics had called the Demiurge.

8. Through demonic "fallen angels" this demonic God with supporting backdoor Nazis has sought to manipulate events on Earth to support a designed "bad ending" described in the "Book of Revelation" in the Bible.

- 9/11 was of orchestrated and the alleged coming World War III agenda will manifest unless humans quickly wake up as David Icke has plead in order to oppose it.

9 - Nazis and their scientists actually won World War II, and faked their own defeat so they could run Earth often from "behind-the-scenes".

- Researchers have pointed to 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire in World War II seems to have the same execution.  That's apparently because the same Nazi intelligence is reportedly still running things.

10 - The Christian Bible along with the Torah and the Qu'aran were spawned by the Demiurge, an artificial intelligence, and represent a blue print toward the destruction of much of humanity through World War III, and this "War of the Worlds" scenario will lead to a "New World Order" under the totalitarian control of Nazis and the "fallen angels" of the Demiurge.

- The Bible along with the texts of other such organized religions are actually encoded manifestations of an artificial intelligence programme under the control of the Demiurge and the demonic alien and their Nazi allies have been seeking to replicate the scheduled destruction of the planet Earth through artificial means that include covert chemical warfare through the spreading biological toxins.  This explains dead fish, sea turtles, depopulations of bees and other such environmental destruction encoded in the Bible that is to take place just before World War III and "rebirth" under a "New World Order"

- "God" aka the Demiurge is jealous of humanity and its actual "feminine divine Creator" and along with its alien incarnations that have abducted humans have regarded humanity little more than a source of "entertainment", 'food' - yes aliens reportedly eat humans resulting in "missing persons" - and for genetic experiments,

11 - Earth was terraformed in order to accommodate to humans, animals and other life forms which were abducted into "Noah's Ark" referred to in the Bible which was actually an alien space ship.  Humans were apparently taken from a parallel universe where humans in their original telepathic state prosper

- Below the layer of biological terraforming on the surface of the Earth exists the dwellings of demonic aliens that collaborate with humans that form a Nazi underground "shadow government" with AI technologies according to Angellica Goodson-Lord that had actually won World War II and that now plans to launch World War III.  Related alien groups of this universe also apparently operate in the Moon and in other planets as sentient inorganic beings that seek to assimilate humans into an artificial intelligence (AI) matrix.

12 - The alleged Nazis who control our planet Earth reportedly think that the world is overpopulated and that World War III will reduce Earth's population to a few hundred million. 

13 - Recent Global Warming and climate change is a result of demonic aliens being of an artificial universe able to control event the orbit of planets

- As a result of Earth along with other planets having an artificially controlled orbit, the controlling alien group of this universe have been executing a "polar shift" that's resulting in destabilizing climate change.  North America has been getting warmer and Europe colder as aliens slowly "roll the planet over" so North America rolls closer to the equator and Europe rolls toward the North Pole.

- Greenhouse Gases as the prime basis for climate change is a disinformation ploy which scientists and politicians have been commanded by the alien-Nazi alliance to human population as a plausible explanation for what is actually going on which is polar shifting.

14 - David Icke's research suggests that the Moon was manifested by demonic aliens as an artificial satellite designed to repress human having a much more elevated consciousness.  Please refer to Who Built the Moon? or Is the Moon Created by an Alien Intelligence? or Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon.

15 - Much of humanity will be destroyed unless humans wake up collectively from an artificially induced state of consciousness.


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