Non-Human Entities: Ottawa Police Perpetuates Sexual Abuse Against Disabled Woman

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I have found that there are many officers within the Ottawa Police who are nice people.  Such officers seek to save lives whenever they can.

However, I can't say the same for Detective Robert Griffin Jr.

Detective Robert Griffin Jr is responsible for perpetuating horrific abuse along with neglect against Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

When Dezrin provided Raymond, her son, with a note that "Dad Abuses Me" she believed that her son would deliver that note to the police in order to save her from abuse involving assaults and neglect.

Unfortunately for Dezrin, her note didn't get to one of the many decent officers in the Ottawa Police.  It got to Detective Robert Griffin Jr.

It's my professional opinion that Detective Robert Griffin Jr appears to be among apparent non-human entities which operate though the minds and within the bodies of "people" who can masquerade as bona fide law enforcement or whoever they have successfully seduced in positions of authority on Earth.

Such demonic beings seek to lurk in the shadows of society under the radar of society that has been intentionally distracted with various form of entertainment or just trying to survive in a capitalist system that has been orchestrated by these predatory entities.

David Icke has referred to these entities as operating within the minds of human hosts they have been able to control.  He has also described these entities as lacking empathy; and as a result of their lack of empathy which is a defining characteristic of a normal human, they have no regard to the violence and trauma they inflict on their victims of the "sexual high" they pursue in seeing their victims suffer.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics identified such entitles as "archons" as documented by John Lash in

And David Icke is no kook.  He has tirelessly based his extensive assertions on very detailed research which has even included going to Africa and having extensive interviews with indigenous elders like Zulu Credo Mutwa who has confirmed how all African tribes have recorded efforts by these non-humans to wreck havoc on their societies by seeking to use their artificial intelligence to holographically appear as humans when they are not.

We don't immediately see these entities because according to David Icke, their non-human controllers which operate these "people" are doing so from a different dimension with a different "vibrational frequency" and just outside of the normal range of visible light in which we would notice the paranormal controlling of apparent "people".

However, when cats, dogs and other animals with different eyes than us, and with a broader perception of light can often see these entities and react to them in a manner in which we would often think is irrational.

In so doing, these entities can terrorize defenceless humans for a sort of "sexual high" they experience when they perpetuate abuse against victims in the city like Dezrin and many other marginalized people in the City of Ottawa from young black males to homeless people that these entities often kidnap and dump outside of Ottawa for "just for fun" they told me.

You would be surprised just how much police abuse takes place in Ottawa.

That's because it appears that some of these same non-human entitles appear to have infiltrated city government, and especially the management of local media organizations, lawyers and local judges in the Superior Court of Justice.  These apparently include Justice Sylvia Corthorn who is an extremely evil and corrupt judge who refused Dezrin's son the ability to independently verify the well-being of Dezrin after Judge Macloed on 24 March 2017 had asserted a need to ensure such verification to make sure that Dezrin is "not being held prisoner".

For having sought to protect his Mother, Justice Sylvia Corthorn ignored the efforts other Judges who sought to get the relief for Dezrin that Raymond has sought.  Instead, Corthorn J in apparent league with these entities had Dezrin's son declared a "Vexatious Litigant" and further ruled in support of the abusive husband who has been perpetuating abuse against with the involvement of Detective Robert Griffin for more than three years since 2015.

Dezrin's husband could not afford a lawyer so these non-human entities who have been taking turn abusing Dezrin since April 2015 hired a lawyer in the city.

Justice Sylvia Corthon working with these apparent non-human entities then "seized the case" on their behalf so that Detective Robert Griffin with Dezrin's husband could perpetuate the abuse which turned Dezrin from a high energy able-bodied woman to a woman who could no longer write, walk or talk.

The apparently corrupt Justice Corthorn didn't want independent verification of Dezrin's well being because this Judge along with Detective Robert Griffin don't want the truth coming out about their collaboration in the the organized torture and abuse that has been inflicted against Dezrin by the non-human entitles which have violated Dezrin for more than three years.  Corthorn J didn't want all the abuse coming out about their terror and torture that Dezrin has experienced by non-human entities.

Thanks to Corthorn J., Detective Robert Griffin Jr and Dezrin's husband could continue to inflict the abuse that Raymond was prevented from stopping as a result apparent non-human entities taking the form of "people" working with each other exploit humans for their sick and twisted predatory activities carried out under a media blackout.

Raymond tried to contact local CBC, CTV, Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen and other journalists who were all instructed by apparent non-human entities in management "not to get involved" and that "Detective Robert Griffin Jr was one of them". 

Reminds me of John Carpenter's 1980's film They Live which presented a future of growing poverty in cities and economic crisis under a non-human reptillian artificial intelligence operating in high levels of authority from business people, the media and brutal elements in the police which together sought to oppress humanity under a "New World Order".

According to David Icke, this movie is a true presentation of the activities of a non-human intelligence which is beginning to surface in different places on Earth.

Dr. Micheal Salla who has extensive researched non-human entities presents a Typology of Extraterrestrials which outlines the organized activities of such non-human entities which seek to conceal the truth of their presence on Earth by seeking to control the mass-media as they pursue political, environmental, social and economic upheaval.

It appears that Dezrin has become a prisoner of these entities that have created a "Hell on Earth" that has been reinforced by a "fine" Detective and his co-conspirators.

In the above video, we have included a video recording of Detective Robert Griffin Jr leaving a message that he wanted to have a "chat" with Raymond after his fellow apparent "dirty cops" evicted Raymond from his parent's home without the necessary consent of Dezrin. 

Detective Griffin would later threaten Raymond at his home that he was to never discuss the abuse note from Dezrin with either friends or family.  So, Detective Robert's concern was not to protect Dezrin from the abuse that she was experiencing but instead he sought to cover it up so that he and the apparent demon within Dezrin's husband could both perpetuate the abuse they both sought.

Abdirahman Abdi was also an apparent victim of these non-human entities who murdered him with their bear hands in broad daylight.

Yes, he was murdered.  I don't give a damn what our so-called Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau says.  He is full of apparent "shyte". And just one of those officers involved in the police gang barbaric beatings of Abdi into concrete being charged with "manslaughter" is a complete joke.  If ordinary citizens had ganged up against Abdi and did the same thing, they would have all bee charged with murder.

And I can tell you this that if there were no cameras present no one would have been charged and Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau would have claimed that Abdi "killed himself" or simply "it was an accident".

And the fact that just one officer was charged with so-called "manslaughter" and not all the apparent non-human entities in police uniforms that killed Abdi is testimony on just how much power an apparent clique of non-human entities have in protecting each other.  In Toronto, and many places were these entitles have authority but somewhat less power, at least all the police officers involved would have been charged.

Michael Edelson, the lawyer for Const. Daniel Montsion, has shockingly claimed that, "This is not a beating that caused the death of Mr. Abdi. Mr. Abdi died of a heart attack. That's what killed him," Edelson told court, according to audio transcripts.  Have you heard of such hogwash?

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Ontario's police watchdog, charged Montsion with manslaughter, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon after Abdi's death in July 2016.

When are we, as human beings, going to wake up as David Icke pleas to the fact that in order to achieve the "true prosperity" along with social justice and environmental protection that we, as beings of empathy seek, must first be willing to affirm our sovereignty as a species on our planet Earth?

Lower dimensional non-human intelligences that have apparently sought to seize control of humans like Dezrin have apparently used varying forms of abductions along with other atrocious activities described by researchers and contactees that include Alex Collier

Apparently these entities feed-off of humans and carry out various forms of abuse and abductions like the one perpetrated against Dezrin.

You can make a donation in support of Dezrin's liberation from more than three years of terror, trauma, abuse and assault HERE.


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