Ottawa Cop Abuses Disabled Woman - How Racist is the CBC and Canada's Media?

Do you think that because you see Ian Hanomansing along with a sprinkling of other visible minorities on the CBC, CTV and other TV media in Canada that means institutionalized racism is not alive and well in Canada's "mainstream media".  If you thought that, just try to ask Dezrin Carby-Samuels in Ottawa who became disabled because of her husband's abuse, torture and neglect with the help of Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin Jr.  I can pretty much guarantee that if Dezrin was white, the type of abuse and neglect which Dezrin has endured would have been front page news.  But sorry Dezrin, no coverage for you because you're black!

Visible minorities like my friend Ian are there before you`re eyes purely for propaganda.  You will scarcely find any of these minorities before the camera making decisions in management, writing scripts for television of on the editorial floors of top daily newspapers or mainstream news radio stations.

Let me tell you about the apparent Golden Rule which operates apparently in places like CBC Ottawa, CTV Ottawa and in radio and newspapers  across Canada which operates against black people who get exposed to social injustices.  That rule appears to be that if you're black and expect coverage, you better have shot someone or have been shot and killed - or be wearing a skimpy outfit at a big Caribbean festival.  If you're black, you ought not to expect coverage otherwise.

When Raymond who is Dezrin's son had tried to inform local managers at CBC Ottawa and other media organizations about Dezrin's plight, once they found out that she was black they became totally disinterested in providing any social awareness on her plight against her husband and a dirty cop.

To borrow a phrase that Dezrin's husband used to apparently say: "That's Canada!"


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