Call Trump's Bluff: Why Canada Doesn't Need the AutoPact

U.S. President Donald Trump likes to claim that Canada's economy would be destroyed without the AutoPact.

In essence he's using blackmail tactics based upon his own apparent ignorance and we as Canadians should not buy into it.

The truth of the matter is there's no need for us, as Canadians to be junior partners to the American auto industry.

Indeed, dependence on the Americans like this has made us vulnerable to such threats that seeks to force Canada to sell-out to Trump's "America First and Canada Last`agenda.

Indeed, we, as Canadians can build our own aeroplanes.  We have our own aeroplane industry of which Bombardier is a leading player.

If we can build our own aeroplanes, we can make our own cars too - and better ones than GM and these other American manufacturers.

South Korea makes it own cars and popular ones too that many Americans and other people around the world buy.

A made-in-Canada auto industry could not only be an industry leader but if we do a better job on green technology cars we would not only bolster Canada`s image as a centre for research and innovation but we would also help save our environment including the wasteland that northern Alberta is becoming under mostly American Big Oil companies.

When Canada was the hub of the building of the Avro Arrow [shown in photo], we surpassed any military aeroplane that the Americans to-date had developed and attracted research talent that has been elusive to Canada ever since.

Let's use this outrageous stuff going on with Trump's threat's to inspire us to live up to our true potential as Canadians without playing second fiddle to America's under-achieving auto sector. 

We have the workers and the technology / know-how to build our own cars and better than the Americans, so let's do it!

Too bad Justin Trudeau doesn't have much vision beyond legalizing pot.


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