Yes, even ORGANIC cereals may be poisoning you with toxic chemicals

You may be unaware of this, but the organic breakfast cereals you regularly buy from grocery stores may be heavily saturated with toxic chemicals.

In a podcast titled Health Ranger Podcast, food blogger Mike Adams explains how conventional grocery stores keep numerous toxic laundry products, which emits VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Some of these products include dryer sheets, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning products. These products emit harmful chemicals that end up saturating the whole grocery store. Eventually, they end up penetrating and contaminating cereal packages and other products.

Health conscious individuals that usually avoid using toxic laundry products end up smelling these laundry products on their clothes just from visiting the grocery store. Adams also said he had tasted laundry chemicals in some of the organic cereals that were purchased from regular grocery stores.

Sadly, the organic cereals manufacturers are doing everything right. Despite all that, the cereals still end up contaminated because of careless grocery stores. They stock natural food products in the same building as laundry chemicals and toxic detergents, which disrupts the meticulous process manufacturers go through to give you an organic food product.

The good news is there’s a simple solution to avoid eating toxic chemicals in your foods; buy from natural grocery stores. These stores do not sell laundry products that emit toxic chemicals. Some people believe organic food products from regular grocery stores are ‘clean' because they can smell any laundry products on them. In reality, their senses have been nullified due to constant exposure. Continued exposure diminishes olfactory sensitivity. It’s why people who wear a lot of cologne or perfume can’t smell it on themselves.

If you’re looking for a store, where you can buy food products that aren’t contaminated by toxic chemicals, then you may want to check out the Health Ranger Store. All the food products sold in the Health Ranger Store are kept in an environmentally controlled warehouse free from synthetic chemicals, toxic detergents, and artificial fragrance products.

The Health Ranger Store warehouse has been inspected and certified as organic and environmentally controlled. Every product used in the warehouse is approved organic, even their pest control plan has been USDA-approved as organic. They make sure not to use any toxic pesticide chemicals anywhere near the warehouse so there’s no risk of the food products getting contaminated.

You can get over 700 food products at the health ranger store. Each one of the product has been laboratory tested for microbial contamination, heavy metals and more. Everything sold in the store has been laboratory verified as clean. This is why the health ranger store is fast becoming the number one online retailers to go to whenever you want to buy fresh food and clean products.

Consuming contaminated organic food products can have severe implications for your health, which is why you want to make sure that you only buy food products that are clean and free from any toxic chemicals.


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