Oasis is launching a plus-sized collection

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High-street fashion brand, Oasis, recently announced the launch of its plus-sized collection. Nowadays, finding plus-size clothing isn't as hard as it used to be as there are more plus-sized brands than ever before. However, many affordable brands still don’t cater to plus-sized women.

Last year, Oasis released a range of plus-sized clothing together with Simply Be. This time around, the collection is solely for Oasis, and to celebrate, they will have an extended offering.

The Oasis Curve collection launched on Sunday 23rd September 2018. It includes knitwear, dresses, denim, etc. and ranges from size 20 to 26.

Although Oasis has not released full details of what will be included in the collection, it has however released some campaign pictures that show plenty bodycon dresses and prints.

The only downside to the collection is that it will only be available online, so you won't be able to try it before buying. Everyone wants to buy clothes that fit them correctly, and this is even truer for those wearing larger sizes who already find it hard to find clothes that fit.

Brand Director of Oasis, Sarah Welsh, say they’ve been listening to feedback. If they are, then perhaps they’ll give women the chance to try out outfits before purchasing.

“Dressing as many customers who love the Oasis brand as possible is incredibly close to our heart,” says Sarah.

“We believe that everyone should be able to wear Oasis and feel great in it, and we have had fabulous feedback from our customers about the additional sizes and lengths, which we have added to our range.” “Through listening to our customers, it became increasingly clear that we should extend our offer further to include sizes through 20-26.”

“As always, we will listen, learn from, and respond to our customer’s feedback to endeavour to continue to deliver what she wants from Oasis.”

Online shopping has many advantages, it is very easy to place orders, and you can enjoy next day delivery options as well as free returns. However, it doesn’t take away from the importance of being able to walk into a store and trying out an outfit before you buy it. Here’s hoping that Oasis and other brands that offer plus-sized collections will be in stores soon enough. 

The Oasis Curve Collection campaign features blogger/model, Lauren Nicole. In an interview with the Cosmopolitan UK, she revealed that before being scouted online in 2016, she suffered from body dysmorphia.

The Oasis' plus-size collection is loud, proud, and has several stylish pieces. If you're a plus-sized shopper, then you might be familiar with their collaboration with Simply Be. However, Oasis decided not to sell any of the plus-size range in their stores when they released with Simply Be last year. But after several complaints from unhappy customers, they got the message and are releasing a collection of their own.

The collection will feature sizes ranging from UK 18 – UK 26 and will be available from September 23rd. It is set to include bigger ranges than the Simply Be line.


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