Reverse aging naturally with Ten Steps

There are natural ways to slow – and even reverse – aging and its effects. It’s even possible to age backwards without pulling the plug on your bank account or going through risky procedures. A natural approach to anti-aging focuses on the whole, not just a few obvious areas.

Traditional methods of anti-aging revolve around exterior fixes, whether they’re surgeries to help erase years’ worth of poor self-care, or creams and shots to help plump etched-in lines. When you consider that the aging process generally means loss of muscle tone, a decline in mental function, and a lack of energy – you begin to realize you’re going to need a lot more in your anti-aging kit than just a tube of cream.

Aging begins inside, well before you see its physical manifestations and experience its symptoms. With natural anti-aging measures, you can reverse many of those characteristic signs. But to get the best results naturally, you need to design a well-rounded anti-aging effort. This approach will spark healthy changes that will naturally reverse the ravaging effects of the clock.

Nutrition plays an active role in natural anti-aging. If you subsist on a diet of highly processed, nutrient-free foods– it’ll show. For starters, your energy levels plummet and your skin becomes dull.

A healthy diet that’s high in protein will help build and maintain muscle. It also boosts production of human growth hormone (HGH), your body’s natural “fountain of youth.” Production of HGH goes from a gusher in your youth to a drought-style trickle as you age. The best way to step up its production is through strenuous exercise and a diet that focuses on high protein intake.

Focus on the following for nutritional anti-aging therapy:

1. Eat protein: The more lean protein you eat, the fuller you’ll feel. This will help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Spikes can lead to insulin resistance –which is the foundation of chronic diseases that can shorten your life span. Centenarians have been found to have a low degree of insulin resistance.1

2. Select antioxidant-rich foods: Free radicals are the agents of aging– especially when they’re out of control. Antioxidants found in colourful fruits and vegetables will help scour them from your system.

3. Cook wisely: The acronym tells the story: Advanced Glycosylated End-products (AGEs) will age you and are best avoided. They can be unleashed through blood-sugar spikes brought on by processed foods and sweets. Frying or broiling your food, which cooks food at high heats, also increases AGEs. Cook your food at low temps.

4. Incorporate omega-3’s into your diet: Whether you eat fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel, or take a fish-oil supplement, you need omega-3’s. They fight disease-causing inflammation, improve your brain health, and make your skin look better.

Eating well is an excellent foundation, but add these steps to your natural anti-aging protocol.

5. Skincare: Your skin has to withstand a lot of abuse, whether it’s toxins from the environment, or bad habits that are surfacing from the inside.

-- Sun exposure: The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, so it’s good to get about 15 minutes a day. But limit it to that. UV rays can cause the breakdown of fibres called elastin, which leads to sagging skin.

-- General care: Use natural skin-care products – they don’t contain harsh chemicals and additives. Whether your skin is prone to being oily or dry, there are products made to address your type and help keep your skin supple and healthy.

--. Cease smoking: If health reasons haven’t worked, then go for sheer vanity. The smoke triggers the release of free radicals in your body, which age everything – including your skin. Also, the repetitive motions of smoking create wrinkles.

6. Get Moving: One of the greatest natural age-fighters is regular, strenuous exercise. A major sign of aging is sagging muscles, so pumping iron can boost your physical appearance. Even more important– stronger muscles can help protect your bones. Well-developed muscles lower your risk of falls because you’re steadier on your feet, and better able to catch yourself.

Exercise promotes better blood flow, which is healthy for every organ in your body
– especially your brain. A study showed that brain scans of older adults who get regular exercise had more small blood vessels in, and better blood flow to, the brain compared to those adults who didn’t exercise.2 Aim for short, intense bursts of exercise.

7. Take Nutritional Supplements:

1. Take multivitamins

2. Curry: Curcumin is the ingredient responsible for giving that yellowish tint to curry. For your brain, it offers protection against a decline in function.3 Get it naturally by eating Indian food, or take as a supplement.

8. Lower stress:

1. Ear plugs: Life is noisy, and earplugs are a gentle way to block out some of that excess noise.

2. Meditation/breath: Research has uncovered that meditation can have an anti-aging effect by reducing oxidative stress (with the resultant free radicals). The reduction was measured during meditative practice.4

9. Rest: To maximize the production of melatonin and HGH each night, you need adequate sleep. Melatonin has been found to delay the effects of inflammation and free radicals.5

10. Social activities: Diversity your activities to include socializing and having fun. Such activities help support the health of your mind, body, and soul, including the health of your brain.



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