Anti-Aging: Raw eggs contain powerful antioxidants


(NaturalNews) -- It is well known that eggs contain a powerful amount of protein and essential lipids, but new research has found that they also contain antioxidant properties that are known to prevent cardiovascular disease as well as cancer. Researchers from the University of Alberta determined that egg yolks in their raw state contain almost twice as many antioxidant properties as an apple and about the same as half a serving of cranberries. When fried or boiled, however, antioxidant properties were reduced by about half. The reduction in antioxidant properties was even more severe when heated in a microwave, which destroys many of the nutrients in any given food.

Another important factor is that the egg yolk is consumed along with the egg white. Researchers at the U of A Department of Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science examined egg yolks produced by hens fed diets of either primarily wheat or corn. In their examination, they found that the yolks contained tryptophan and tyrosine, two amino acids with high antioxidant properties. Organically raised hens, which are fed high quality diets rich in vitamins and minerals, will also produce higher quality eggs, which will subsequently be loaded with more essential nutrients.

"Ultimately, we're trying to map antioxidants in egg yolks so we have to look at all of the properties in the yolks that could contain antioxidants, as well as how the eggs are ingested," said Jianping Wu, a member of the research team.

The discovery of the two amino acids within the raw egg yolk may only be the beginning of studies regarding the healthful impact of egg consumption. Little is truly known about the full scale of antioxidants held within raw egg yolks, and much more research is needed to even begin scratching the surface. Currently carotenoids, responsible for the yellow pigment in egg yolk, are known to be found in eggs along with peptides. The research team plans to launch further studies in order to investigate egg carotenoids and peptides before attempting to map out more antioxidants in egg yolks.

Vast healing power of foods still not entirely known

Raw eggs are only one example of natural foods that contain powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that scientists do not fully understand. Whether they are unsure of the benefits, or do not even know the nutrients exist yet, natural foods are continually found to address more and more health concerns on a daily basis. The best part about it is that these studies haven't even caught up with the full spectrum of benefits that eating high quality organic foods delivers to the body. Researchers from prestigious universities will still be catching up with natural health advocates for years and years to come.

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