Laundry toxins linked to cancers, genetic damage -- U.S. doctor

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Are any hazardous substances coming out of your dryer vents? Dr. Anne Steinemann has done diverse research into what chemicals are released from laundry by-products, air fresheners, cleaners, lotions and other fragranced consumer products.

Could doing your laundry be hazardous to your health? Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals that toxic substances in laundry presents hidden dangers. These dangers include cancers, and a variety of other serious health problems.

“The familiar "clean" scent of fabric softeners actually comes from a deceptively toxic blend of chemicals that have escaped regulation and are silently contributing to a number of health problems for unsuspecting consumers,” states Dr. Mercola in his article entitled “The Household Appliance that Releases 600 Potentially Dangerous Chemicals into the Air.”

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