Execute Dieting and Nutrition through Candida


According to the statistics, 3 of 4 women deal with vaginal Candidosis at least once in a life time. Many of them complain that they have not been able to get rid of this bacterium even after years of treatment.  

If you are one of these women and you have been fighting for a long period of time with vaginal, buccal or other type of Candida yet all the treatments you have tried have not succeeded, maybe the time has arrived for you to try the Candida diet food. This diet is recommended by the alternative therapy specialists for the persons with rare episodes of Candida, and also for the ones who have been fighting Candida for moths.

First of all it is best that you know what you should exclude from your regular diet. The first ones on the list are the aliments with sugar in their composition, because this bacteria feeds on sugar. So you should not eat carb foods, like sweets, bread or pasta. Even the last ones contain a substantial amount of sugar, even if they do not have a sweet taste. That means that you have to exclude even fruits in this diet, but also the processed foods like mustard, ketchup or any kind of sausages. 

Another type of food that is strictly forbidden in the Candida diet is the one that is fermented which includes bread, alcohol, cheese, tomato paste or pickles. Does it look scary? Giving up on so many food items that you love eating may not be easy. But if you want to starve these bacteria and get rid of it once and for all, this diet is the best cure towards a healthy and normal life.

Don’t lose heart. You will be happy to know that there are many foods that are allowed in this diet; aliments that you like to eat but the bacteria does not. You are allowed to consume any type and quantity of meat, which you can cook as per your liking. Almost every vegetable is included in this diet, with few exceptions: mushrooms and potatoes, beans and peas, which contain carbs.

The foods that should be a part of your meals are the dairy products but make sure you are not lactose-intolerant. The product that will be extremely helpful for your digestive system, in order to fight Candida, is yogurt, well know for the pro-biotic properties. Cheese must be fresh and it will be best to eliminate milk from this diet, because of its high content of sugar. Eggs can also be included in your meals.

The period for this diet depends a lot on how old is your problem. If you have frequent Candida episodes and you cannot solve this problem for a long time, then you should consider having the diet for a long period of time, from two to six moths. However, some positive results should appear within two to four weeks.

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