Tips for choosing age-related supplements

(NC) -- To maintain good health over 50, it is helpful to understand how nutritional needs change with age, and how they differ among men and women. Did you know that a woman over 50 who is somewhat physically active needs about 1800 calories a day, whereas a man at the same activity level needs 2,200-2,400 calories per day?* The woman may be concerned about getting enough calcium to support strong bones while the man may be concerned about prostate health—yet both may want to improve heart health and memory.

“If men and women over 50 can't get the nutrients they need to support good health from diet alone, they may need to add a supplement,” says Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist Christine Yu. “It's important to choose a supplement with the specific vitamin and nutrient needs for your age and life stage.”

For bone health, look for supplements with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. For heart health and cognitive function, consider adding more essential fatty acids with an Omega-3 blend. If you're looking for an antioxidant boost, try alpha lipoic acid, acai or products with vitamins C and E. For eye health, Life Brand now offers an age related eye formula with lutein and Omega3. For men, supplements containing saw palmetto can help support prostate health.

In addition to consulting your pharmacist, doctor or nutritionist, a helpful source for information is the online vitamin finder at

*Source: National Institute of Aging


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