The Wholesome Benefits Of Precious Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil has been reported for some outstanding benefits for overall human body, acc to Dr. Mercola. A perennial herb from the common garden sage family, it has been studied and found useful as a painkiller as well as a blood pressure monitor.

Called as ‘Clear eyes’ during the Middle Ages, it has shown to have important health benefits but with a high price. The herb, Salvia sclarea is now cultivated worldwide which was earlier found to grow in southern France and neighboring European countries. Used often, Clary sage oil helps improve vision and its related conditions acquired from stress or strain.  Our ancestors knew the importance of this oil in stress and hence it is used for headaches and fatigue related conditions too. It soothes the nervous system and increases the blood flow in the brain. advises new aromatherapy users to try out Clary sage oil to experience its soothing effects that may clam down patients of anxiety.

Clary sage oil is known to have about 72 percent of esters in composition, one of which is Linalyl acetate. It also contains about 14 percent of alcohols and about 3 percent of sesquiterpenes. These compounds have antispasmodic properties as well as sedative effects that make Clary sage oil as a potent painkiller and an effective soothing agent.

Owing to its ability to increase the blood flow, it also helps in menstrual cramps.  It also addresses muscle stiffness and back pain in an effective way.

Another main benefit of Clary sage oil is its ability to lower blood pressure. It relaxes the arteries and helps in giving relief in heart problems. Its hypotensive effects have been studied and proven to be very helpful in patients with high blood pressure.

Not with much studies ongoing in this matter, the impressions of Clary sage oil being an aphrodisiac is quite popular. It also helps in improving hair growth, treating dandruff as well as improving skin health. It is also an ingredient in foods like yoghurts and desserts. Known as ‘Muscatel sage’, the seeds of Clary sage are used for flavor in muscatel wine.

This amazing useful herb has its caution areas, where it may not be used. One of it is for patients with hypotension in whom it may exacerbate the existing blood pressure fall. It can also enhance the narcotic properties of alcohol and drugs owing to its sedative properties. But the most important of all, due to its high ester content, it may be harmful to people who may be on regulation of estrogen levels and must not be used in pregnancy.  It is costly but then, every benefit has a price.


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