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Doctors are more or less the only professionally trained individuals with ample knowledge on how to get a patient to respond to treatment. For this reason, almost every patient has huge respect for any medical practitioner that he or she gets to visit in times of any health-related issue. With such faith and trust being put in medical practitioners, it is quite unbelievable to realise that a medical practitioner by name Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has completely decided to abuse any patients. With so many patients rating him as being rude and lacking empathy for his patients among other negative reviews on, it remains a bit shocking to know that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum is still being allowed to carry out his dastardly acts on more patients.

The straw that broke the camel’s back is how he colluded with the daughter of a sick old woman to abuse her. Dezrin is a woman who was very active and lively until she was sent to Dr Jerry Tenenbaum for medical help. After some few visits there, her son Raymond came to find her in a very deplorable physical state which forced him to take her to another doctor by name Shahram. There was remarkable improvement in her condition after being taken to Dr Shahram. However, Dr Jerry Tenenbaum conspired with Marcella, who happens to be his daughter-in-law, to travel all the way from Sweden to Canada just to ensure that he was re-affirmed the primary healthcare giver of Dezrin.

One thing that the Ontario medical professional has always abhorred is for medical practitioners to assume the position of primary healthcare givers of family relations including in-laws. This is something that could have even been overlooked had Dr Jerry Tenenbaum conducted himself professionally. However, Dezrin just went from active and lively to being unable to speak, write or walk.

Help support social justice for Dezrin and other former patients by supporting an online petition concerning Dr Jerry Tenenbaum.

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