Jerry Tenenbaum: Help Support Online Petition Against Toronto Mount Sinai Doctor

The moment good people decide to look on without doing anything when a negative act is being perpetrated is the day evil will triumph in this world and sadly enough a lot of people have looked on whilst an old lady is being abused by the very person supposed to offer her medical support. Dezrin, who has always endured torrid times at the hands of her husband, Horace and daughter, Marcella thought she was going to get some support when Dr Jerry Tenenbaum was first introduced to her as her primary healthcare provider. Dezrin was, instead of being provided with quality medical services, used by Dr Jerry Tenenbaum as a trial and error victim of an experiment to the point of even prescribing drugs that she was allergic to.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that Dr Jerry Tenenbaum has been accused of abusing his patients. A simple stroll through will provide one with a clear picture of who Dr Jerry Tenenbaum is in reality. He has been accused of being rude, lacking sympathy, using abusive words and also always overbooking his patients which leads to his inability to have ample time for each patient. So it remains to be ascertained how this doctor has been able to carry out all these sorts of abuse on his patients with the entire Canadian community and the whole world watches in silence without doing anything.

However, such atrocities cannot be allowed to continue any longer which is why you are all being encouraged to be part of the online petition that seeks to help put a stop to Dr Jerry Tenenbaum’s abuse of his patients. This online petition is for all people and also Dezrin Carby-Samuels who has had to undergo some of the unthinkable abuses to ever be meted out to another human being. For a lively old lady who was not long ago very active to all of a sudden lose her ability to speak, write or even walk, then something really has to be done very fast about Dr Jerry Tenenbaum.

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