Top 5 Ways to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Contrary to common perception, anxiety is actually a very serious disorder that affects a good number of the global population. While anxiety isn’t an illness or disease, it can prevent you from leading a normal life by affecting your psychological emotional state. Sure, we all have our moments of anxiety attacks – right before exams or an interview for instance. However, it morphs into a disorder when the anxiety interferes with your lifestyle. If not dealt with, the disorder can lead to a number of health issues or even mental incapacitation. Here are five natural ways to relieve stress levels when anxiety attacks come your way.

Soak in a Tub

What most people don’t get is, over-the-counter pills can’t be effective if the mind isn’t in its right state. You can try out anything from Valium to herbal teas, but as long as you’re mentally unstable due to the anxiety attacks, nothing fruitful will come out of it. Soaking in a tub, however, can set the mood right and distress your body after a long day. It is recommended by health experts as an effective way of unwinding and relaxing.


Meditation can work a great deal at releasing tension, anxiety and stress in the body. While some can meditate for a whole sixty minutes, others only need five for it to work. In a nutshell, the benefits of meditation are real regardless of how long you go at it. What really matters, though, is the amount of effort and energy you put into it. Try sitting up straight on a chair with your feet firmly rooted to the ground and as you breathe in, tell yourself that you are light. As you breathe out, declare that you release all disease. Following these mantras can indeed work magic.

Invest in CBD Oil

Most people ask about CBD oil - what is it and how can it help you? You probably don’t know this, but CBD oil has over the years been used as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety. For those in the dark, CBD oil – cannabis oil – is an extract of the cannabis oil where solvents are used to separate the oil from the plant, resulting in highly concentrated products. The main ingredient in CBD oil is cannabidiol known to provide a sense of relaxation, besides of course, offering relief from anxiety disorders. It is paramount to start off with small doses as you graduate to higher doses when your body gets accustomed to the oil. Also worth noting is you should be consistent with the dosing for it to work.

Increase your Vitamin D

The outdoors can work wonders in regards to helping ease the symptoms of anxiety. Try out some physical activities every now and then such as jogging, walking or hiking as you work on your tan. Going outside for a walk gives you a whole new perspective both mentally and physically. Worth noting is, over-the-counter pills don’t get to the root cause of your problems, but going out and getting acquainted to mother nature actually does.

Confront your Fears

Stressful situations lead to anxiety attacks, which is why you should always be prepared to face them. Think of it as practice – the more times you face your fears, the less scary it becomes. Prepare yourself way before any stressful situation, prior to just doing it. Declare that you can handle any stressful situation that comes way and of course, a minute’s worth of meditation.


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