Sell houses: Savvy Real Estate agents use blog post advertorials

A successful realtor sells a lot of houses and makes a lot of money. For this reason, there are many, many real estate agents all hoping to make it big. And because there are so many realtors out there, there is great competition to be the best, to sell more houses than the competition. There are many ways to do this. Traditional means of advertising, direct mail, open house, social media, personal networking anything goes.

But the really savvy realtors are looking into the idea of blog post advertorials to promote ‘online’ their special or challenging properties. The idea is based on the fact that all advertisements are seen as self-serving, while when someone impartial talks about a product, it is seen as a reliable endorsement. The other advantage is that when someone else talks about your product or services you get free publicity, which is what we all strive for. However, what we wish for is not what always happens, and we need to be pro-active.

An advertorial can serve many purposes (well ultimately just one to sell your product). By using the editorial format, you can brand yourself, engage potential clients, and keep the public informed about changes and trends I the real estate market. While not a direct sales pitch you never say buy this in an advertorial it is an opportunity to give out your contact information and to throw out teasers. Well written advertorials will attract a following, people who read them out of interest, people who will think of you when they are looking to buy or sell a house.

However, an advertorial is not free. It is a paid advertisement in the form of an editorial. It is a format that has been shown to be more effective than regular display ads (because more people read them), and more effective than online banner ads. It has also been shown that it pays to pay a bit more and have your advertorials professionally written. Even if you do decide to do your own writing, you really need a professional to help you place the advertorials. has a team of experienced writers who will work with you to craft the best possible advertorial, which will then be placed in the media of your choice local newspapers, magazines or online publications, even radio or TV. is especially skilled at placement on sites that have been indexed by Google News which ranks articles by how often they appear online, and on which sites. Google also considers freshness and diversity when ranking stories. And, of course, the higher youre ranking with Google, the more often your advertorial will be seen and read. Let take your message to the world.

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