Homes: Sleeping Partners can boost real estate investments

The time for action has finally arrived for a property owner. With the inevitable downturn in the housing sector looming in the horizon, it is time that the property owners take steps to protect their investments. This is especially important to the owners, whose properties are on the vacant list. Any delay in acting might lead to losses, which can be difficult to cover in a fiscal year or two.

Today’s market has an abundance of supply for a scarce demand.  The numbers on the vacant list are an all-time high, leaving the customers with a plethora of options. This leaves most of the listed homes unchanged on the list for months at a time. This lack of cash inflow can be hazardous to the value of the property. If the owners neglect the maintenance of the property in the ensuing months, they lead to a faster depreciation of the property value, especially in this real estate climate.

This lack of cash inflow can be addressed by looking out for a sleeping partner. In today’s world, there are numerous executives, who look to branch out from their day jobs in search of a second source of income. The vested advantages of investing in real estate are well documented to interest any casual observer and are known to give handsome returns over the course of time.

Most of these executives don’t have the time or knowledge to handle the day to day dealings of a real estate investment.  They have an ideal profile to join the venture as a sleeping partner, who generates an influx of cash into the property that increases its value. This cash flow is rewarded with a substantial percentage of capital gain after the market picks up.

The cash inflow offers a solution to the negative cash flow from the property.  This money can be used to improve the maintenance of the property.  Lack of proper maintenance by the owner ranks first among the reasons of moving, which makes it especially imperative to ensure that the property is well maintained. When the property is well maintained, the level of tenants seeking the property is bound to increase.  This upward turn can be harnessed by increasing the rents accordingly.

With cash in hand, the owner can carry out the developmental activities of the property, making it a very attractive proposition for the clients. These activities must be planned in such a way that they make the property eligible for a level upgrade, which increases the rent slab of the house. This brings a steep increase in the rents offered to the property.

The real estate cycle is a never ending process.  When the owner doesn’t have enough funds to get through the down phase of the cycle, this option is highly viable. It helps in breaking even the income and expenditure, making it easier to accumulate profits during the upward cycle of real estate.

Looking back, one will never begrudge the share of profits afforded to a sleeping partner. After all, he was the one who kept you awake when your investment was inching towards hibernation.

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