The Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for a good vinyl flooring service? Do you think vinyl is a good choice for your flooring purposes? Read on to seek answers to all your vinyl flooring queries. Vinyl flooring had been around for a long time now and is widely preferred by many people today. If you think that all vinyl floorings are the same, you are absolutely wrong! However, you need to dispel the notion immediately because vinyl flooring has its own differences.

If you consider the vinyl flooring in Korea vs. China, they differ greatly both in their end products and in how they are generally made. One good way to match the product with your personal choices and expectations is to understand their attributes and differences before buying one for your flooring needs. Here’s a simple guide to help you with your flooring choices:

Choose the type of vinyl flooring you want

When it comes to vinyl flooring, many manufacturers out there give out both 100% virgin and 50% virgin vinyl materials. Make sure you choose 100% virgin vinyl material that was produced by an automated in-line system. Unlike Chinese brands, choose one that comes with a laminated LVT. Generally, there’re three types of vinyl flooring available in the markets.

  1. Tile – Vinyl tiles are manufactured in the exact dimensions that a customer needs. Mostly 12-inch or 18-inch tiles are installed and many manufacturers follow these standards.  They are also made pretty thick to give a smooth finish and uniform appearance to your floor. You also get to choose what pattern or color you want. They come with self-adhesive features that make it easy to be installed. All these tiles are precision cut and replacing a damaged tile is quiet easy.
  2. Sheet – 100% virgin vinyl sheets come in 6-inch or 12-inch rolls. Different types of floors would require different vinyl sheets and the adhesive types also vary with the flooring. These sheets are ideal for areas like bathrooms that would get exposed to high moisture. They can be installed easily and are highly water resistant.
  3. Plank – Vinyl planks generally come as 4-6 inches wide and 3-4 feet long structures. They are much easier to be installed compared to the other types and are a lot less expensive. These planks are made from eco-friendly recycled PVC and give out the look of a hardwood.

If you choose the ordinary press-type vinyl made by the Chinese, you might face a number of issues, like dimensional instability, delamination, and more. It’s better if you go for ClickLoc Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) with a non-woven glass fiber because they have greater stability and also much cheaper than the Chinese make.

Get your vinyl floors coated by a wear layer

Besides the obvious pattern variations and the choice of colors, the Vinyl Flooring Details differs greatly with respect to their surface coating. The surface of the vinyl tile or sheet is generally coated with three types of materials and this layer is called wear layer. It promotes resistance to dirt, stains, and pressure markings on the vinyl flooring.

  1. No-wax Vinyl coating – This type of vinyl flooring doesn’t come with a stiffened wax coating. It’s ideal to be used for floors that are prone to less traffic and minimal dirt exposure. If you are in a cold and secluded region, away from the pollution of the city, you can very well install sheets with this type of coating.
  2. Urethane wear layer – This durable wear layer makes use of a blend of prime urethane and microscopic ceramic beads. The beads give out a considerably more durable and smooth finish, which will also increase the life of your vinyl floor. They can be used in floors that experience normal to heavy traffic. It also resists scuff marks, is water resistant, and can be cleaned up easily.
  3. Enhanced Urethane – This is the highest quality of vinyl surface coating. They can hold a very heavy traffic, without giving way for any scratches or damages. The wear layer consists of prime urethane alone that doubles the durability of the flooring compared to other wear layers.

Generally, the wear layer ranges from 0.3 mm to 1 mm in thickness and the tiles are coated a number of times so that the layer gets coated evenly on the vinyl material. Make sure you choose a 100% virgin vinyl LVT for your floor, which meets all the strict standards of the product. Take a look at vinyl flooring Korea vs. China to find the best product for your floors.