Facebook ignores criminal mischief and reputation-destroyers


Facebook prides itself on being a postive "revolutionary" force on the internet. But this week's latest incident on Facebook shows that it could very well be the least accountable large business enterprise on the internet.

Several days ago, a Facebook group administrator decided to publish comments that someone was a convicted rapist. Supposedly, this was information that it received “from a friend”. The real problem though is that the allegation made by this Facebook group administrator was totally made-up.

Was the allegation the fall out of a break up with a now ex girlfriend weeks before? Preliminary evidence suggests that, but who knows. In response to the apparent criminal mischief, Facebook to-date has done nothing but send out apparent auto-responders.

But, wait a sec: “Doesn’t such a large organization such as Facebook have “site moderators” working 24/7... Y’know.. Like the personnel that was depicted on the firm ‘Social Network’.. that help seep their social network platform safe for all users?” Well it seems.. Apparently not. So, if you are seeking to ruin the reputation of anyone you know, why not join Facebook, and spread made-up story you would like to spread?

Facebook's lack of redress to-date on the totally made-up allegation that one of its users are a rapist, shows that anyone can use its social networking device to spread made up wild stories, that could end up in damaging the reputations of its users permanently. Facebook's so-called complaints process is little more than an apparent public relations placebo that gives its users a false sense of security and accountability.

Google, Yahoo, and other large internet-based organizations, are apparently far better at client services social responsibility, than Facebook. Whether you use Facebook or not,it appears that Facebook is okay with it becoming a forum for potential slander, and other forms of criminal mischief.

Facebook's staff appear to be too busy extracting personal data, that it uses to make its fortunes to be concerned with "silly things", like being concerned about ethical conduct of its users on its servers.

Have you experienced Facebook's poor client services etiquette?  You are invited to post your comments about Facebook.


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