9/11 passenger found alive says investigative reseacher

After many exhaustive hours, one Phil Jayhan made the discovery which will quite well change everything. Phil as we will refer to him from here forward, posts all of his work on his Forum www.letsrollforums.com for his friends and people curious alike to visit free of charge to discuss in a safe environment.

Phil and others were working on a list of all the millionaires who got into 9/11 flight in some form of program. What the program entails is anyone’s guess but the number of concentrated wealth will astound anyone who ganders at the list of the millionaires available here http://letsrollforums.com/30-millionaires-4-flights-t20579.html . The number reaching into 30 members is truly a crowning feet for anyone. This was accomplished with the help of many dedicated researchers who also visit the forum.

While working on this Phil stumbled across a second survivor and plant named Mike Rivero, alias John Wenckus. As shown in several photographs the people look exactly the same with only slight alterations and as another member stated the possibility was that he was wearing a toupee. The similarities between the two are uncanny and near impossible for one to deny that they could be the same person with just a different colored beard. Not shape, just colour.

A revelation such as this can be counted as one of the great 9/11 discoveries and all Phil asks of the people is that they come and participate in the discussion, no matter what they have to say.

Read more?  Go to: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/5470675-911-passenger-alive

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