Ocean Fish Show Planned Path for Human Survival


We humans, are not only excellent story tellers and packagers as well as consumers of entertainment. We are also capable of applying our innate intelligence and the plasticity of our comprehension, toward addressing the potential for our long term survival. Meanwhile, over our history, our respective human societies have formed various stories about our origins; about who we are (as people); what we are expected to be doing here; and about where, up the road, we are headed. Therefore, we may now need to revise some of our present understanding as to what our current living is all about.

For example, in light of the prevailing evidence about what has been happening to the fish in our oceans on earth, (as the planet that we inhabit); it may be useful for us to take the time to form a hard nosed understanding as to what are the options that we, too, face as regards our own survival.

In the oceans on our planet, the unbridled profit-driven harvesting of the fish and similar life forms is currently decimating their potential for survival. However, unfortunately, it appears that what is happening to the fish mirrors a similar greed and profit-driven annihilation route that has been planned for us humans.

Furthermore, the instruments to support that planned decimation route for us humans (on planet earth), are already in place and are now being used. Unless we humans begin to apply our intelligence to thwart that planned annihilation of us, as well as to execute strategies that will drive out the perpetrators who are aiming to execute that destructive plan, our survival "goose" will be cooked.

To successfully fight off any planned destruction on us, we will first need to draw on a more comprehensive appreciation of our prevailing existence, and its roots. When we do so we will be better able to understand how what is now happening to the fish in our oceans, also provides a preview of where the prevailing managers of our human social institutions, are aiming to lead us..

Let us start by remembering that our planet is one of the innumerable features and mixes of features, that comprise, and that occupy the cosmos. Therefore, metaphorically speaking, we can each look upon ourselves, as being one member of a particular population of the entities on planet earth (that is also itself a unit in the cosmic ocean).

The result is that, we each can then use our intelligence to each look upon ourselves (together with the remainder of the human population), as being entities that occupy a place in the cosmic ocean, in a manner which mirrors the residency that the fish have in our terrestrial oceans.

However, unfortunately, the parallel with the residential reality of the fish (to which our own human existence in the cosmic ocean may be compared), goes much farther. The vastness of the cosmic ocean (in which the planet earth, and its inhabitants are components), also holds myriad entities. Therefore, we should not be surprised that in the same way that the fish in our oceans face predators, we, too, that happen to be in the cosmic ocean, also face predators in that ocean which aim to execute non-positive designs on our continued existence. Furthermore, if such predation strategies on us also pivot on the unbridled application of greed, in the search for financial profit; this means that, in the reality of the cosmic ocean, we humans will find that we have been put in a decimation position which parallels that of the fish in our terrestrial oceans.

The need for us, humans, to develop an anti-predation survival strategy for ourselves, is therefore no longer a matter theory.

Meanwhile, we need to note that this intelligence from the cosmic ocean, which (for one reason or another), aims to be our predator, has already lodged itself (and its agents, that are in human masquerades and disguises), into the principal institutions which our human societies use to execute and to police our social evolution. These institutions include the agencies of formal and informal education and mass communications; governments and their court systems; organized religions; the military-industrial complex; and the money and banking system, together with the hegemony of large corporations that they breed.

The upshot is that, we humans, need to draw on our innate intelligence, as well as on our understanding of this cosmic-sourced threat on our existence, so as to protect ourselves from the fate that is currently being meted out on the fish in the oceans of our planet.

To begin to develop strategies that will help us to avoid being on the same annihilation route as that of the fish, each of us needs to begin to look at the bigger picture, that incorporates ourselves into the cosmos.

If we are to individually as well as collectively resist this planned cosmic-sourced predation on us, we need to take our minds out of our current socially conditioned/engineered mindset. This engineered conditioning, has led us narrow our focus, so that we now look on ourselves as being primarily individuals who operate in respective small functioning groups (personal families, respective societies, nations, etc).

Instead, we must see ourselves as being member entities, in the whole human family. We each, (like a soldier in an army), need to see ourselves as being (unit) entities, that are contributing to the survival of the whole human family, as a group. Like the soldier in an army, we each need to look on the time and effort commitments that we make, as providing impact on ourselves as well as on the human family group.

Therefore, although our socialization largely conditions us execute the type of selfishness that allows for the continuing cosmic-sourced predation on human society, we have to smarten up ourselves. When we also include the impact that our efforts will have on the survival of the human family, as a part of our focus and our judgement, we will then begin to make some critical community-focussed, rather than selfishness-centred adjustments.

The source of our human intelligence, is another important feature on which we will need to draw, if we are to successfully fight off the attack that any cosmic intelligence plans to execute on our continuing successful human survival. That is because our human intelligence also evolves from our own sentience-linked cosmic roots that the invading cosmic intelligence is about the business of conditioning us to overlook, so that we can draw on the organized religions into which it has been conditioning us, to co-operate with it in behalf of our destruction, rather than to fight it off,

In those cases where we have not already (voluntarily) sold ourselves out to the money-oriented and selfishness-centred blandishments (of this cosmic predator, that is here to engineer our human destruction), these cosmic roots of ours, are there for us to draw on, in support of our existential survival as humans.

To understand why this hostile intelligence from the cosmic ocean, is aiming to destroy our continued sentient human existence, we (ourselves) will also need to recognize that our human sentience accompanies A COSMIC-LINKED BIO-ELECTRIC UNION, in which we, as well as our natural environment share.

In particular, towards executing its plans to generate our destruction (as humans), this predatory cosmic intelligence (together with its agents in human disguises and masquerades, in conjunction with humans that it has recruited), has set out to confuse, and then to seduce our consciousness.

The alien predator intelligence aims to condition us into false matrices about our reality. Then it aims to lead us to pursue, towards our own detriment, behaviours that are contrary to what our sentience requires us to execute, (as members of the bio-electric union that was initiated on us; and that was later extended to include other biotic entities, and then extended to the remainder of the matter that makes up our natural environment).

The cosmic predator intelligence draws on deceit, as well as on false reality matrices, to misdirect our consciousness, so that we are conditioned into pursuing strategies of selfishness, self centredness, and monetary weighted guidance. Thereby, it aims to lead us to make decisions which are based on greed and on achieving monetary gain, that are not supportive of our best survival interests, as sentient humans.

For example, under the influence of the institutional control which this cosmic predator intelligence has secured over our human social institutions, we are being systematically distracted from understanding our humanness, and its roots in the cosmic ocean. Yet, it is those cosmic roots of ours, which bind us humans, into a family. It is these cosmic roots which the invading predator is trying to get us to overlook and to ignore, that will generate and that will also allow to frame survival protection instruments on which we can draw.

Toward the preservation of the human family, and our equilibrium with its sentience roots, each of us, as a human member of the bio-electric union (out of which our communion. and our intelligence emerged), has a set of family obligations that we must execute if we aim to foster our survival.

Specifically, we need to remember that our living involves the choices of effort commitments that we make, as well as the guidance on which we draw prior to making these choices of effort commitments. Therefore, as we go about our lives, our sentience requires each of us to make choices and also to pursue behaviours that are guided by the exercise of empathy, while we are at the same time pursuing mutuality.

In contrast, through the control which this alien intelligence and its agents wield over our human institutions (by virtue of the human masquerades and disguises that they employ), they are able to use false matrices into which they condition us, to marshal us to make choices which are against our own best survival interests. As our prevailing educational as well as mass communications system displays, the result is that in the name of economic growth, we are being socially conditioned to go about our survival, by concentrating on the practice of personal greed, and on the achievement of financially-centred profit target. We are not led to focus on securing and on enhancing the quality of our human survival.

Meanwhile, we should note that it is that unbridled search for securing financial profit, which now drives the decimation of the fish in our oceans; and which (in the name of promoting economic growth) is the practice into which we are now being exposed and conditioned; with total indifference to the consequences on the remainder of our reality. Therefore, when it is unbridled financial profit generation, that is also the tactic which the invading predator intelligence (from the cosmic ocean, and its agents) aims to use to decimate our sentient human existence, the problem for us is no longer a theoretical one.

To meet, and to fight off the challenge on our survival by this alien cosmic intelligence, we need to draw on our sentience-driven innate intelligence. We must therefore begin to concentrate on pursuing behaviours that will neutralize and destroy its attack.

For example, we must not let this invading intelligence use its acquired control over our systems of formal and informal education and communications, to mislead us into pursuing greed and selfishness-centred operations. Our concentration on pursuing such types of financially centred operations, is totally inconsistent with the concentration on pursuing empathy and mutuality behaviours, on which our sentience roots require us to focus.

Therefore, towards executing our sustained survival, without hesitation, the following are the issues to which we need to begin to commit our efforts.

We need to begin to focus on the membership that we each have in the bio-electric union. That membership is the source of our sentience roots. In addition, we need to understand that this executed bio-electric union is the principal source of our protection, as well as of our defence against external agents (that intend to achieve our existential destruction).

As we each go about our lives we must each therefore concentrate on pursuing practices/behaviours and operations which REINFORCE THE COMMUNITY LINKAGES THAT WE HAVE WITH EACH OTHER, AS WELL AS WITH THE REMAINDER OF OUR ENVIRONMENT, through the cosmic bio-electric union that has enveloped us.

We must also be mindful that the sentience grid, as a complement to the bio-electric union, envelopes us, and that in its consciousness enhancement and reinforcement operations, it provides EACH of us with a doorway to our further Human Evolution, while it is also at the same time a linkage route to our community defence.

In particular, we need to recognize that this sentience grid, houses our humanity, and also provides as well, for our (electrical) extended internal communication and information flow across the human family. Additionally, the operation of the sentience grid leads to electrical conjunctions which provide for growth in our consciousness, as well as for the kinetic energy of an existential defence mechanism, into which we are individually as well as collectively enveloped.

Additionally, the energy union (with which our consciousness-supporting sentience grid is merged), also conveys the imputation that each of us as a member of the total operating human family, has the responsibility to interact by means of patterns of activities that are based on empathy and mutuality, when we are framing our choices in living,

Each of us as a human, therefore needs to take steps to ensure that the agents (in human masquerades and disguises), that are associated with the alien intelligence from the cosmic ocean, are rebuffed. We each must not allow these agents to use their promotions of false matrices about the individuality of our existence, to then indoctrinate us into pursuing greed, and selfishness, toward enhancing our access to financial outcomes; while we at the same time ignore our built in sentience roots.

Allowing ourselves to operate as self-centred greed-driven chasers after the private acquisition of money, is a way of living that is outside of the communion with each other which our sentience requires. Behaviours within the principles of self-centredness, are also outside of the promise of consciousness-enhancement, (and eventually Human Evolution), that our membership in the bio-electric union lays open for each of us to secure..

Accordingly, until we develop a greater understanding of our sentience roots, we humans, will not be disposed to intuitively develop the community passion, that will lead each of us to enter into executing for ourselves our Human Evolution, and our sentience-guided survival path.

Meanwhile, we need to extricate ourselves from the prevailing social conditioning which is leading us to pursue selfishness, and a money-centred focus on the choices that we make. That is the destruction path for us, which the predatory intelligence (from the cosmic ocean and its agents in human masquerade) together with recruited humans who expect to receive ecclesiastical or other rewards, aim to lead us to pursue.

Down to Brass Tacks

In the face of a predatory cosmic challenge on our survival, each of us as a human will be able to execute our continuing survival, ONLY if we remind ourselves of our own cosmic connection.

However, we also need to remind ourselves of the obligations, which that cosmic connection of ours, gives each of us the responsibilities to execute. That is, each of us, as a member of the human family, needs to remind ourselves of our existential family roots, as well as of the caveat on our choice-making, which our cosmic roots convey.

Here, therefore, are some of the facts which we need to bear in mind as we personally as well as collectively contemplate executing our survival path.

Our human sentience (which makes us special, as an inhabitant of planet earth), arose out of a union that was executed with/on THE ELECTRICAL MESSAGING SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BRAIN, by the electricity from the universe of motion (which includes gravity, and entropy, among its power vectors).

This union (that was established), therefore endows humans with a functioning cosmic-operating base, (that arose as a result of the initial bio-electric union which had been executed by the electricity from the universe of motion.

That initial bio-electric union was then extended to other biotic life forms. Finally, the amplified initial biotic union was extended to include the electrical bonds at the atomic and sub-atomic level, that co-ordinate and that differentiate matter into its various structural forms and types.

It is out of these bonding relationships, (which had originated from the cosmos), that there emerges the basis of (as well as the domain which makes for) our human sentience. We need to re-assert our sentience in the face of any external threats on our survival. Furthermore, there is, (accompanying our linkages across this sentience domain in which we which are each enveloped), a community facilitator; reference provider; as well as co-ordinating and also a defence mechanism.

This accompanying feature is the prevailing sentience-grid.

We each have access to the working features of the sentience grid, if our choices and behaviour affirm, and are also consistent with our membership in the communion that is the bio-electric union.

Our human sentience, is the fundamental feature to our humanness; and it is the functioning connectedness (and the attendant sharing of electrical impulses and communion across our environment) to which we each have access, by virtue of the bio-electric union. Therefore, as we each go about our lives, we may not be indifferent to the effective inter-connectedness which accompanies the community members of this bio-electric communion (with which the sentience grid is associated).

This sentience grid which is there in the background, operates as the locus of our human consciousness. It functions for purposes of making information-reserves available for each of us to draw on, for the purpose of survival, as well as for community defence. In the face of the planned threats on our survival which the cosmic predator is fomenting, we each therefore need to be mindful that as we increase our personal capability to understand ourselves (and also our linkages to our natural environment), the sentience grid is there a reservoir, on what the bio-electric linkage has accomplished for us. Accordingly, it offers each of us the capability to use our linkages to each other to inform our human consciousness, as well as to enable its evolution.

At times, our linkage to this sentience grid (that accompanies our bio-electric union) has led to remarkable displays of individual human communication with, as well as cognizance about, respective components in our reality. These remarkable displays include features such as, clairvoyance, precognition, remote sensing, cross and inter-species communication, divination, and others.

However, as we each execute our connectedness within our membership in the bio-electric union, we have each been also endowed with the right and the principle of free-will. In the face of that endowment, those of us who understand the communion that was formed as a result of our membership in this bio-electric (and sentience-generating) union, also have intuitive knowledge.

For example, we intuitively know that to neglect to practice mutuality, and to correspondingly neglect to behave with empathy, is to surrender our human attributes. Therefore, when we allow the practice of greed, and of selfishness, together with an emphasis on the pursuit of financial achievement instead of sentience enhancement, to direct how we go about our lives, we are doing a similar surrender of our human attributes and responsibilities. When we make such a surrender of our sentience-linked human responsibilities, we will be laying ourselves open to being enveloped in the consciousness misdirection, and the human destruction activities of our cosmic predator.

We humans will be able to defeat this predatory cosmic intelligence, that is aiming to destroy our potential for survival (by conditioning us to pursue selfishness and profit-centred financial gain, rather than the communality that our cosmic roots have made accessible to us), only if we get serious about where our existence is headed.

We need to begin to concentrate our efforts on the practice of mutuality and empathy. At the same time, we need to jettison the false matrices about our existence as individuals, and about our reality that predatory intelligence from the cosmos, (together with its agents in human disguises that are embedded in our principal human institutions), is using to distract us from our sentience roots. Such adjustments in our behaviour would enable to draw on our human membership in the sentience grid. Together, we could then draw on the electrically energized weapon that our presence on the grid allows, against this invading predatory cosmic cadre.

Meanwhile, the non-human origins of these alien-supporting agents of the cosmic predator in human disguises, is betrayed by their indifference to the execution of empathy and also to mutuality. Their emphasis on the necessity for humans rank results from our efforts in terms of expected net financial gain is another betrayal of their non-human roots. Furthermore, we need to remember that it is only the banks and the large corporations, spawned by this alien predator that need to rely on the emphasis of financial quantities to measure how effective effort commitments were. In contrast, in the human family, we know that the success of our efforts is revealed in the extent to which our interactions with each other and with our environment, have resulted in enhancement of (our awareness of and of our ability to recognize and to promote), the shared union that we have with each other, and also with our natural environment.

Some Reflections

The agents of the invading predatory intelligence from the cosmic ocean, are operating among us in human disguises, and they use their deception schemes to get us to make choices (about how we will behave), that are contrary to what our survival-centred human sentience requires of us.

These invading entities (into our human community), are sustained by negative energies. Deceit and misdirection are integral parts of the operating strategies by means of which these invaders secure the flows of negative energy that they require. Accordingly, they indoctrinate us into false reality matrices about ourselves and our world. Thereby, they are able to condition us into executing practices of selfishness sand of greed, that then foster the flows of negative energy that will arise (from the money-centred exploitation by humans, of each other and of the natural environment).

Our human survival as cosmic-linked sentient beings, has been placed under threat by way of alien-sponsored practices which comprise financial, as well as environmental predation, that usually then become entwined with wars, on and among us.

In the mean time, these alien consumers of negative energy, are indifferent to the loss of bio-diversity on our planet, as well as about how the quality of our human existence is now being destroyed. Rather, under the influence of the false reality matrices into which we have been conditioned, the corporate as well as the individual perpetrators of such negative results, overlook those survival destroying outcomes. Their concern is only with the extent to which their initiatives enable them to secure increased levels of financial profit.

In the name of promoting economic growth, the governments of our human societies are also concerned only with promoting and facilitating the extent of the flow of financial profits. That is because these profit achievements, are what the banks and the corporations rely on, to make their "political" contributions, as well as to portray how satisfactory their effort and resource management programs have been.

Yet, when profitable quantities of fish are caught and sold over a particular period; that does not provide a reliable statement about the health of our oceans. Correspondingly, a statement of the level of market value of goods and services that have been profitably sold in a society (over a particular period), does not represent an indication of the extent of the survival achievement, that has been forthcoming from how humans have committed their efforts.

In contrast, when we develop the willingness to guide and to accompany our commitments with the exercise of empathy (that our sentience requires us to practice), we will be in a better position to seek out the knowledge base that will enable us to practice the mutuality in behalf of our sentience-linked communality.

Without a doubt, we will be more able to effectively (and extensively) execute mutuality, if we set out to secure a technically informed understanding of how our material reality works, Therefore, we need to commit efforts to enable us to better understand how our material environment operates. It is only after becoming successful at searching out such critical information, that we will become able to break out of the misdirecting false matrices about our reality, into which the agents of the alien predator have been so far successfully indoctrinating us.

Consider, therefore that our efforts to "make a living" are not merely about achieving success at, securing the needed levels of operating cash, or corresponding permission, in order to successfully acquire the material requirements for our survival.

Rather, each human intuitively knows that we have been offered the opportunity to draw on our roots in the bio-electric union, together with behaviours that are guided by empathy and mutuality, to "make our living" into a process of experiencing the path to Human Evolution. Therefore for each of us, "making a living" is all about the extent to which we each are able to absorb the sentience-linked guidance, that will lead us to make selections of effort commitments, that will lead to (or that will generate for us) the consciousness evolution that our sentience roots offer.

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