Press Releases: Nine writing tips ensure success


Writing a press release is sometimes confused with writing ordinary website content. However, the reality far from this is that press release writing requires a writer to approach it with a different mindset while armed with a different set of skills. To help you write better press releases, following are nine golden tips.

1. Select a burning issue or a story that most relates to any of the latest issues and concerns in the market. This is very important since you can only convince a journalist to raise his eyebrows on your press release if there is a true life in it.

2. As a press release writer, what you need to realize is that fact that you are not writing ordinary marketing content. You are going to address journalists and bloggers and you therefore need to be quite rational in the choice of words and tone for writing a press release.

3. Always state correct facts and figures. Remember, journalists are interested in picking up those press releases which are supported by adequate facts and figures. Telling a hundred interesting stories cannot make your press release go successful. It needs to be fed by proper citations.


4. Never write vague things in your press release. Always be clear, to the point and precise in your statements. Since it is not a marketing material where you can even write what may not exist actually, a press release requires greater attention in this regard.

5. Assign a title that should convince a journalist turn towards your press release. A brilliantly scripted press release with a dumb title can simply eliminate any chance of success for that press release.


6. The “lead” or the first paragraph of the press release is of special importance. Do not start by telling your readers a cock and bull story. You do not have thousands of words in a press release, therefore, keep it straight to the point and make sure that whole the story is made clear in this first paragraph. Keep the rest of the press release for providing details over the highlight mentioned in the first paragraph.

7. Grammatical soundness is a virtue shared by all sorts of professional scripts in common. No press release can be convincing until and unless properly proofread for grammatical issues and other typos.

8. Even if your press release is not about a burning issue, always try relating it with some topic under debate at local or international levels. This increases the chance of your press release to be picked up by journalists and bloggers.


9. Lastly, it would be a simple tip to put yourself in the shoes of your readers, the journalists and the bloggers and think the way they would. Well managed, information given in the right order, information on who, when, why and how and a professional tone is what you need to add to your press release.


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