Press Releases: Top Ten writing tips


While writing a press release, one of the most important elements is to be very clear about your target audience. In fact, unlike ordinary website content, a press release is not meant to address general customers for marketing purpose. A press release is meant to communicate a message to journalists who would further use it to make certain features and stories.

1. Therefore, the tone needs to be very precise, to the point and devoid of exaggerations.

2. Start off your press release in a way that the theme of whole your message is wrapped up in the first few lines. Technically speaking, the lead of your press release must be very comprehensive and should be enough to let the reader know the long and the short of the message being communicated. Rest of the script should be an explanation of it.

3.  A press release needs to be something more than a fact jotted on a piece of paper. Since your aim is to grab the attention of journalists and make them pick your press release up for writing a feature, thus you need to pick up an unconventional angle and create an impact out of your document. The best way to do so is to relate your press release with some current news or event.

4. Nourish your press release with complete information. Let the journalist know what did happen, when did it happen, where, why and whom made it happened. Only a press release with reliable and precise information is entertained by journalists.

5. While writing a press release, say more while you write less! Yes, this is one tip that can improve your press release writing a great deal. Do not work hard on incorporating flowery expressions and exaggerating sentences. All you need to do is to make good choice of words and speak to the point to your reader.

6. One of the issues faced by many press release writers is that they use a bit too much of the technical terms used in industries and organizations. If your target audience were persons associated with these industries than it would have been ideal to jot down such terms but since you are writing for journalists, it is highly recommended to make the least use of such terms and better write the story in generally understandable terms.

7. Always address the latest issues in the market. Nobody is interested in reading a press release about an event that occurred eleven weeks ago. Journalists are looking for newer and different stories to take on and that is what you got to keep in mind while you select an issue/story/event for writing a press release.

8. Always take a real life story to write on. It would not be recommended to create ideal situations and exaggerated stories to create a press release. Keep it as simple as it can be for a human being.

9. Your title must tell the whole story! Keep your title attractive yet comprehensive.

10. Last, but not the least, always focus on grammatical soundness of your draft. Since you are going to convince professional journalists with your press release, a minor fluctuation in basic grammar can ruin the image of your press release. provides press release distribution services.

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