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Three Important Reasons to Invest in Automatic Openers

Your plans for home improvements include replacing the garage door and the main gate leading onto the property. While you are considering different designs, why not find out what it would take to automate each of those points of entry? The fact it that outfitting them with the right type of equipment to open and close on demand will provide helpful in a number of scenarios. Here are three examples to keep in mind before you make your final decision.

Enhanced Security for Your Home and Property

One of the more important reasons to consider automated door and gate openers is the added security they provide for your property. The gate will make it all the more difficult for anyone to breach the point where your driveway connects with the street. When it’s more problematic to get through the barrier without tampering with the opener and setting off an alarm, burglars are less likely to consider your home to be a prime target.

An automatic opener on the garage door serves the same purpose. Attempting to override the opener and gain access to the house is likely to trigger the alarm system. Before the deed is completed, the authorities could be on the scene and catch the burglar in the act.

A Safer Environment for You

Perhaps you haven’t considered how dangerous it can be to get out of your vehicle to open at gate at night. The few seconds it takes to go from the car to the gate and back again is just enough time for someone with less than honorable intentions to strike. If you have an automatic opener in place, you never have to leave the safety of the vehicle. Pull up, activate the opener, drive through, and know the gate is now closing as you drive up to the home.

At the garage, the same holds true. The door opens without you having to get out of the car and stays that way until you are safely in the garage. Once the door is lowered, it’s safe to get out and use the adjoining door to enter your home.

Don’t Forget the Convenience Factor

Choosing to install one of the Toronto overhead doors from Barmac on the garage means you don’t have to get out and wrestle with the garage door in the middle of a thunderstorm. You stay dry as the door opens, drive inside, and let the door close before you get out.

You’ll also love having an automatic gate opener in place since it also means you don’t have to get out in the rain. Pull into the end of the drive, activate the gate opener, and continue on your way without getting a drop of rain on your person.

The bottom line is that door and gate openers provide a number of benefits. Talk with a contractor today and discuss what sort of opener would work with the doors you have in mind. Once they are installed and you use them a few times, the wisdom of your decision will be apparent.

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