Vaughan: Top Four Reasons to Seek Out Emergency Dental Care

There are quite a few dental issues that may be bothersome, but it’s possible to wait a day or two for an appointment. At other times, there’s the need to seek help right this minute. Many dental professional provide emergency services. The key is knowing what constitutes an emergency. Here are four examples of serious issues that merit seeking this type of care at once.

1 - A Tooth is Knocked Out

If you should sustain a blow to the mouth that is severe enough to knock a tooth out, there is no time to waste. Moving quickly could mean the difference between being able to successfully reinsert the tooth or losing it forever. Your best bet is to contact an emergency dentist and arrange to meet at the office or clinic as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, put the tooth on ice and use something to slow the bleeding from the empty socket. The dental professional will determine if there is damage to the gum and if it’s possible to settle the tooth back in successfully.

2 - You Wake Up With Swelling Around the Base of a Tooth

There’s nothing pleasant about swollen gums around the base of one or more teeth. The swelling is a strong indication that some sort of infection has set in. Choosing to wait and see if the swelling subsides on its own is not the solution. All that will do is allow more time for the infection to get worse and cause damage to the roots and the gum tissue.

Instead of considering the swelling a minor irritant, seek emergency dental services at once. A professional can determine the nature of the infection and come up with a treatment plan that prevents damage to the teeth and the gums.

3 - You Experience Sudden and Unbearable Pain

You’re not sure what triggered it, but you suddenly have a great deal of pain that seems to be emanating from one or more teeth. You can’t see any chipped spots or there does not appear to be any cracks in any of the teeth. Even so, the throbbing is so severe that your eyes are beginning to water.

Relying on home remedies to ease the pain is not the right move in this case. A better decision is to call your dentist, explain what’s going on, and seek treatment as quickly as possible. Consider how many serious conditions can cause this type of event, you can bet that any best dentist in Vaughan will find a way to see the patient immediately.

Waiting a few days for an appointment is fine when there is some minor complaint. Things like a slightly loose filling or a little tenderness if you drink something excessively cold does need attention but it does not have to be immediate. If the discomfort is severe or your teeth are injured in some sort of accident, don’t wait. Seek emergency help at once. In the long run, your reduce the risk of further complications that could place your dental health in jeopardy.

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