A World Leadership Platform for Peace

The Toronto World Leadership Forum is more than another leadership event. It is just the beginning of a World Leadership Platform for Peace, taking place on April 20th and 21st 2018 at the Hilton Meadowvale, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The great mission of the Toronto World Leadership Forum is to host international forums that create the roots of a movement for prosperity through peace. Each forum will include speakers with valuable tools for leadership and a framework for collaborative strategies and innovation. The event offers the great opportunity of creating networks with other leaders in the movement for peace, from business, politics, academia, and grassroots civil society.

SHAHRAM GHANBARI, President of Toronto World Leadership Forum remarked: ”This global project will launch the World Leadership Platform for Peace, with the vision to empower people from around the globe with innovative and practical tools and network to lead a movement for prosperity through peace.

The forum will unite powerful international speakers from multiple sectors, in a unique event. It is meant to empower the participants for further professional and personal development, crossing beyond gender issues in a globalized economy in order to provide economic and social growth.

Leadership Ambassadors from various fields, industries and disciplines, will lead their groups of professionals encouraging them to network and to cooperate with the members of the group, creating a framework for a transformational experience.

Hundreds of distinguished delegates from over 40 countries are taking part in this unique event. They are peacemakers and leaders from different fields, which have the voice, the passion and the initiative to make a meaningful change, that have the power to rebuild entire societies and the whole world. Every participant will have the great opportunity to connect with other peacemakers and influential leaders. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to learn from the world-famous expert speakers, leaders in their fields and be inspired by them. The speakers are Dr. Auma Obama, Lisa Longball, Joseph Sherren, Kristin J. Arnold, Jack Canfield, Tina Varughese, and Sunil Tulsiani.

Toronto World Leadership Forum invites to join this global movement for prosperity through peace, all the people from the grassroots civil society, peacemakers, leaders and all the people who want to make a relevant change in the world.

More information: https://torontoworldleadershipforum.org/


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