Dating: Five Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Guy


It's okay. You still have time to get him a gift. You could even buy him something from my list of gifts for geeky guys. But let's say you're still looking for some ideas and either a) are broke or b) want to do something fun or nice for him to go along with the Kindle Fire or copy of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that you got him. If that's the case, then check out five last minute gift ideas below.

Fill his iPod with a personalized play list

Ask to borrow his iPod. Then add a playlist featuring songs you both love or songs that remind you of him. Then when he goes to listen to the new Black Keys album...surprise!

Bake him something

Even if you've never set foot in your kitchen or use your oven for shoe storage, there's bound to be something you could make him. Guys appreciate homemade treats, even if it's something simple like cookies or Rice Krispie Treats.

Get him a museum membership

Yeah, it sounds boring. But here's the thing -- this is the gift that keeps on giving. For one thing, it's a fun, free thing you can do together when there's nothing good on TV and you don't want to shell out $20 and your first born for movie tickets and popcorn. Plus, when his parents or friends are in from out of town, he can get discounts or skip the lines for busy exhibits. He'll be thanking you when he's got to entertain his aunt who is in town and dying to see the Kandinsky exhibit.

Put together a photo scrapbook

Sure, you've got photos on Facebook and Flickr. But how about an actual collection of photos of the great times you've spent together? Shouldn't he have some tangible memories for when the coming zombie apocalypse wipes out the Internet? Include photos of times you've spent with his friends and family as well. Beat Facebook at its own game and create a "timeline" of your time together.

When in doubt-- booze, booze and more booze

Whether it's a nice bottle of his favourite wine or a 12-pack of that craft beer he's been craving, you can't go wrong with sweet, sweet booze. To quote Homer Simpson, "Alcohol -- the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."

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