Ottawa: Online Dating Profile Fakes - Four Types to watch

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The Online Dating concept has been considered very exciting but mysterious for most people. There are people all over the world who have tried online dating. Some of them have successfully found their soulmates. Most of us date offline but there are some who have dated online. Online dating is actually a good experience for anyone. However, one must not let himself be fooled by bad people online.

To attain great reward, one must take a risk. This is true on online dating experience as well. In this world, there are good and bad people. Even offline, people take risk when they choose to socialize with other people. They take the risk if that newly met person will do good or bad to him. Risk is actually higher in online dating. This is due to the fact that you do not know who exactly the other person is. You do not know the real intentions. Bad people on online dating usually fake their dating profile to entice potential victims. Once the trust has been given, real intentions will be revealed. Thus, it is essential that you avoid this scenario by spotting a fake dating profile effectively.

People Who Fake Dating Profile

There are four categories that people who fake dating profile fall into. These are lonely people, married people, insecure people and people with criminal intentions.

1. Lonely People

When a person is lonely, he or she seeks for a new excitement in life, resulting to creation of a dating profile that is more attractive and more exciting to others. Descriptions are put which are not really representative of the person. This lonely person who fakes dating profile will actually not hurt you financially or physically. It will just put long term relationships on the rocks once lies are discovered.

2. Married People

Married people often fake their dating profiles by saying that they are single and have no commitment. This is to make them more attractive to the opposite sex.

3. Insecure People

Insecure people are people who may actually put a real dating profile. However, the profile becomes not real since there is no real intention for the person to find a relationship in the dating site. They only want to test if how many responses they could get based on their profile to just boost their ego.

4. People with Criminal Intentions

People with criminal intentions fake dating profile to scam money. They commit identity theft to be more successful with their bad scheme. Online dating websites have been doing preventive measures to target those with criminal intentions.

Evaluating Photos

The best and most effective way to spot a fake dating profile is through the photos uploaded. Be cautious to profiles which uploaded modeling photos but there are no personal photos. If the person gives you professionally taken photos but there are no photos with friends or awkward photos, that person is most likely stole an identity of a model or a beautiful woman or a handsome man. Do not fall easily to trap for photos that show too much skin. There are no beautiful women who are after serious or real relationship will want to send half naked photos to strangers. Read the profile carefully. Check if the description in the profile matches the photo. For instance, description says she has green eyes. However, the photo shows that she has blue eyes. Thus, the lie is too obvious.

To avoid being fooled by fake dating profile, you must trust your instinct. If you feel that there’s something which is not right, just trust your instinct. There are still other people with clean intentions you can meet in online dating websites.

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