Dating: Is a Guy Who Lives at His Parents’ Home a Loser?


Women usually see men who live with their parents as losers or “mama boys“. How does this kind of perception start? Some ladies see guys who live at home as “not capable enough as a man“. Guys who live with their parents apparently implies to today’s “modern woman” that such men “cannot stand on their own feet“. To such “modern woman” such men are incapable of making their own decisions and share a lack of independence and also responsibility. Today’s modern women will often think, how could he take responsibility for his future family if he cannot be responsible of his own life?

It is, however, unavoidable that the perception of the modern woman have might be right on certain occasions. Some men who live with their parents may indeed be just some “loser” who has little ambition. This is undeniable. But then, not every rose is red. Men who are living with their parents are not always, as some say “parasites”.

Then again, sometimes, this kind of perception among modern career-driven women are driven by something more than just what appears. If you think mother-in-law is dreadful enough, wait until you see how some women may also go into a relationship as a parasite -- what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is also mine.

For me as a man, not living with my parents, the issue doesn't lie within the men, but rather, the women.

Are men metaphorically little more than cans of coke or candies that can be instantly grabbed from a vending machine?

Arguably, living with parents does not mean that the men cannot be independent. Some men prefer living with their parents because they really love their parents, and want to help them, want to support them (and some women will say “yeah, right?”).

Some men may live with their parents for very practical reasons. Such men are doing it because they could save more money by living with parents. Why should you pay more if you can do it less. The parents will usually be happy enough to have their children share some chores or household expenses.

From some parents point of view, “why not share in household chores and expenses”?

Now, let's be honest to ourselves. Why do women think that men who live with their parents are losers? Why is it a turn-off for, if not most, some women? This is a question which ladies can choose to ask themselves. But before I end my writing, I would like to point out some things first. Do women feel insecure about men who put their parents first before their girlfriends/wife?

Let me answer it. Unless you see a man in his late twenties has his Spongebob briefs and his cute Mickey Mouse lunchbox prepared by his mom, then you should ask yourself, why do you think it is important for you to have a man living without his parents? Perhaps they are not being selfish, but rather, it is you.

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