Online dating: Top Eleven tips for Guys

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Today, males often experience difficulty finding dates online. In order to succeed in online dating, you may wish to consider insights from this Top 11 Online dating tips for Guys. This approach has helped many males to successfully date attractive women online. These tips will put you on a more productive track in your pursuit of the great opportunities to meet new and dynamic single people like yourself through online dating.

For many, online dating is complicated; but it does not have to be that way.

Reflect on these guidelines to successfully land an online date with your ideal woman:

1. Read each message you send for spelling and un-intended communications

In general, ladies detect hidden meanings very well. Therefore, avoid sending messages that are meaningless. Also avoid sending messages which can be mis-interpreted by the lady who receives the message. It is therefore a good idea to recheck the email you plan to send via an online dating portal, before sending it to a woman.

2. Avoid automated sounding messages

Some men try to use “automated” or preset a message, which is a perfect example of "The Don'ts." Avoid sending spam messages and wait for a response, before sending a lady more e-mails. If there is no response, review other profiles and contact women who match your criteria. Express your thoughts clearly to escape misinterpretations.

Ladies can also interpret automated messages to be that she is either just one of hundreds of females you are “mass messaging” or that you are just “fishing” for a response, as someone might buy a lotto ticket and hope to have picked the right numbers.

3. Be Observant

Give constructive comments in direct reply to a profile. This demonstrates that you carefully wrote your reply to her profile. This is something females appreciate. Avoid complementing a female’s photo with comments like “Oooo you are so sexy, etc”. Many guys think of this as a romantic gesture. However, many ladies view such online dating messages as the messages of a desperate guy. Ladies love complements, but this can wait until you get to know each other much better, if the both of you decide to meet in person.

4. Avoid Sports Fanaticism

Sports fanatics should limit exaggeration on this factor, since some females are not receptive to this quality. While there are women who love sports, some only tolerate it. So find out the type of woman you are dealing with first. This is one of the most important of Top 11 Online dating tips for Guys to follow.

5. Read online dating forum chat discussion for enriched situational insights

Women like to be understood. Free dating site forums offer useful insights on these views and can help you greatly. Ask questions and request answers from females, as participation will enable males to interact better with females.

6. Take small steps. Avoid the “R” word…

Avoid mentioning your interest in a relationship from the start of your online communications. It is too soon to bring up this topic.

7. Build healthy conversations

Women don’t like receiving three word messages like “Hi Babe.. Holla”. However, if you send many ladies a long message, this will make you look crazy. Try to keep your online messages succinct. Present yourself with confidence, without making yourself appear to be some kind of egomaniac.

Only ask to meet at a public place like a café, after you have established that you both seem to have chemistry. If you ask too early, and she refuses, you will not likely get a second chance. But, wait too long to ask, and she might also loose interest and focus on the next guy.

8. Carefully read replies -- Be thoughtful.

Ladies tend to appreciate when a guy takes the time to read her message to him. When replying to messages from ladies in your inbox you may wish to take the time to read and reflect on your reply.

Many online dating website features now have instant chat applications. Don’t use these instant chat applications to “stalk” ladies.

9. Explore her interests

Try to appreciate the lady you seek to contact based upon as much information as you can obtain from her profile. Always uncover the personality of the women in whom you have an interest. Scrutinize her profile properly to find out her likes and dislikes. If she does not list her likes and dislikes, ask her about her interests.

10. Politics

This is another essential factor of Top 11 Online dating tips for Guys to remember. Though often a hot topic, it is known to cause chaos in online dating experience. So be careful. To be on the safe side avoid discussing political matters.

Even if she mentions that she is a member of the same political party that you support, you may wish to avoid discussing political issues in your online dating communications.

11 Relax

Have fun. Show that you are a cool and relaxed guy, and don’t be afraid of rejection. If you don’t hear back from whoever you contacted based upon these tips, move on to the next profile. Ladies who use online dating often have flooded inboxes. But rest assured, by using these tips, you will make a connection much sooner than if you were to ignore these tips.

Express your thoughts in the most exquisite way and have fun.

In following the easy Top 11 Online dating tips for Guys furnished above, you will not go wrong, so try them out.


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