Online Dating Etiquette: Ten Tips for Guys


Dating is very necessary when you want to settle down in life and establish your own family. Ideally, dating should be for the purpose of identifying a partner you are compatible and with whom you can settle down in marriage. Unlike before when you were restricted to local and regional partners, the Internet has made it possible to date any woman from nay part of the globe regardless of race and other factors. In order to undertake a successful dating experience, it is very important that you get to know online dating etiquette. The following online dating etiquette tips should prove valuable to you.

1. The fact that there are hundreds of dating sites is not a passport to register with any site. It is very important that you only register with a dating site when you are sure of what you want. In this regard, register only when you are ready to settle down in marriage and are looking for a woman to settle down with. Dating is a serious issue and just in the same way that you do not wish to be taken on a ride so are the women on dating sites.

2. In order to have a successful dating experience, make it a point to read and understand a site’s dating policies before you register. The fact that different online dating sites have different dating policies requires that you sample several sites with the aim of identifying one whose policies you are comfortable with. Most sites actually offer you a limited free trial period after which you may choose to proceed with full payable registration or opt out in case you are dissatisfied with service provided.

3. Successful online dating requires that you be honest about yourself. In this regard, your public profile should be as accurate as possible. Note that your profile is what will “sell” you to potential women and any exaggerating will simply attract women who will leave you heart broken once they discover who you really are. Apart from correct information, any pictures you use should be the most recent.

4. Posting your profile on an online dating site certainly attracts responses from different types of women. It is always not a good idea to respond to any email you receive unless it is from a woman with the qualities you are looking for. On receipt of an email, check on the senders profile to have an idea about the woman you will be communicating with before responding.

5. Just in the same way that you will be contacted, you too should take the initiative to contact a potential date. It is extremely important to read a woman’s profile before you send any message. In particular, establish what qualities a woman is looking for in a guy before you send out any message. This will help you avoid receiving those annoying rejection messages.

6. There is nothing important as responding to a message from a potential date in a timely manner. Doing so will serve as an indication that you are serious and ready to establish a successful dating relationship.

7. Online dating requires that you pay special attention to how you communicate. The tone of your messages is very important. You need to be friendly as much as possible. Your opening and closing remarks should in particular make a potential date want to continue communicating with you.

8. It also pays to avoid using words that your potential date will have difficult time comprehending. In this regard, your grammar, punctuations and sentence construction should be perfect to prevent any misunderstanding.

9. How long or short your messages are is usually very important in online dating. Ideally, your messages should neither be short nor long; address what you want to communicate without being irrelevant.

10. Just in the same way that women always want to meet their dates in safe locations so it should be with you. The fact that you are a guy does not mean that you can invite a potential date to your residence for the first time. Make it a point to meet at a neutral location and in case you need to travel, inform a close friend or relative where you are going and who you are going to meet.

These are valuable tips that will not only help you have a fulfilling and successful dating experience but also tips that will ensure that you stay safe, especially when you finally come to meet your date physically for the first time.

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