Facebook online dating – Advertise yourself


If you are sick of using the same old online dating website, bad blind dates and random meetings in coffee shops to find your next love interest, it’s time to try something a little new and definitely something a little different!

Facebook Dater?

There are a few very simple ways to turn Facebook into Facebook Dater. One of the best, (and possibly one of the most bizarre at the same time) is to use a Facebook advertisement! Ok, so putting a very public ad that you are no good at dating is possibly not the best option for many people, but you don’t really have very much to lose. And if it gets you in the “front door” of hot guys and girls that you probably wouldn’t have met otherwise, who cares?

There was a story of one gentleman in particular that used a Facebook advertisement to shout out for love and he was met by thousands of women begging for a date with him. Is it really as desperate as it sounds? Or in this digital day and age, is this guy really an entrepreneur? Although publicly broadcasting your search for love isn’t catering to the taste of everyone, it certainly is a different and innovative idea that gets people talking, that’s for sure!


It’s simple enough to start a Facebook ad campaign; you don’t have to be promoting a business or anything like that. If you go to the advertising page of Facebook and click the button that says “Create an ad” you will find a wealth of opportunities. The layout is there, the rest is up to you.

There space for a small title and a blurb of around 140 words. It’s not much so use it well. What do you want? Write simply and in as few words as possible exactly who you are and what you want. Then you get to choose your audience. This is perhaps the place in which you may fail if you are not smart enough. You can usually set an audience for anything – relationship status, interests, where they live etc. Obviously, you will want to set up some kind of location step. Unless you are willing to relocate to anywhere in the world, of course!

There is another way that you can find love on Facebook advertisements – you could take a look at setting up single and mingle nights in your area – choose a bar or somewhere similar, set up a time and place, and have a dress code so that everyone knows what’s going; something simply like everyone has to wear a red shirt. Then, keep your fingers crossed and hope people turn up. It’s like digital speed dating with a surprise element at the same time!

In this digital day and age, it makes sense to broaden your horizons and put yourself out there. Turn your social networking site into a Facebook Dater site and you never know what you might just come up with!

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