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Nowadays the internet has a strong presence in most people’s lives; and it is not unusual to see people who possess Facebook account, twitter account, different email accounts as well more and more accounts in different social networks. However, having such a great amount of accounts over the internet can be a tiring task since the person who has that accounts will have to access every account one by one, and this is definitely time-consuming. Would not it be amazing if some website offered you the possibility of accessing all your accounts in just one platform, within a couple of minutes? Well, this actually exists; this is what is all about.

MyLife is an innovative and interesting online App. The main goal of its architects is to provide users with easy integrated access to multiple population social networking services. The MyLife app operates like an online relationship manager, since it provides easy access to different tools to manage your social networking over the internet in an easier manner. You can have instant access to your Facebook, twitter, electronic mail account including Yahoo Mail and Gmail. MyLife offers you the possibility of having all your accounts to seemlessly connect with the granting of simultaneous access.

When you access to Mylife you will be able to watch a video, introducing to you what MyLife is doing, what it is offering and what are all the advantages. The website is designed with an intent to be user-friendly with a good with a clean structure. MyLife designers also seek to avoid the over use of the colour schemes.

The signup process is simple and fast; and easy to navigate. When you reach the bottom of the page you will see information and links to more information.

Security and privacy are also a top concern for

You can take MyLife with you anywhere you go because has a convenient mobile application; however that application is not yet available for the java platform.

MyLife's online relationship manager provides easy access to different types of social networks and email services that will enable you to contact and manage social networking with your friends in an easier way. You can also see how many persons are searching for you. You can even expand your friendships, pursue new romantic relationships, connect yourself again with a lost friend or even an ex lover using MyLife.

Your relationships, your accounts in just one platform; this is what MyLife designers seek to present to internet users who use social networking applications.

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