Online Dating: Ladies, make the First Move -- Top eight reasons


In the world of dating, it is easy to rely on men to do all of the hard work – make the first move, pay for the date, make sure they have the condoms, etc. The thing is in today’s modern day and age, it makes sense for the women of the dating quest to ensure that they take some of the responsibility, especially when them screaming for equality at every available opportunity. Bearing this mind, it makes sense for the ladies to make the first move every now and again, and here are the top ten reasons why:

7.  If you like someone, go for it! If you don’t ask, you simply don’t get, and you may be surprised at how many men that you thought were out of your league would say yes when asked out on a date!

6.  It’s nice to give the guys a break! Let’s be honest; they have enough to worry about, and it will be a pleasant surprise to them for someone else to take some of the heat.

5.  It makes for a pleasant surprise. Guys don’t expect a girl to make the first move, so you will at least be embedded in their brain, even if they do say no.

4.  It’s the biggest compliment! For a woman to go against what society thinks she must do, it must mean she’s really into you or at the very least, likes the look of you. Just think about it ladies; how much do you feel good about yourself when a guy asks you out on a date? Why not repay the favour from time to time and make him feel as if he is worth it!

3.  It promotes confidence! There is nothing sexier than a chick that knows what she wants and goes right out there to get it! You feel bold and brazen, and that is exactly how he is looking at you right now. Combined with a bit of lust of course!

2.  It helps you to gain perspective on what the guys have to go through! As nerve wracking as you think it is to ask a guy out on a date, remember that the guys have to do this ALL THE TIME! It certainly gives you a newfound respect for the poor men out there, and may lead to a better quality of dating once you start to see things from their point of view.

1.  You are separated by a computer screen! This means that the rejection may not feel quite as “real”. Any rejection doesn’t feel good – that goes without saying. However, there is something less personal about doing it via a computer screen, so you may as well get used to the rejection in this manner, before you put yourself in the “real” dating world.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose by asking that hot guy out on a date. The worst case scenario will mean he’ll just say no. The best scenario – you’ll have bagged yourself a hot guy. When you think about it this way, and remember that there are plenty of other profiles on the dating website, there really is nothing holding you back!

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