Online Dating: Top Ten Advantages of Paid Sites

The world of online dating is a fickle one, with new websites springing up on an almost daily basis, and with more websites to choose from than ever before, comes longer times deciding on which one or ones that you should use. If you are wondering whether you should use a paid website over the freebie ones, here are ten very clear reasons why the paid ones win:

10. The paid ones will generally be monitored better by professionals and website owners, leading to less bad experiences and more safe “fishing” for dates.

9. Scammers are less likely to use a paid website – what is the point in paying for a service when your main goal is to gain money from those that use it? This is not to say that scammers won’t use the paid websites; it is just less more so the case.

8. You are more likely to find that the website offers you better choices, especially when it comes to profile specifics in your searches. Paid websites have better organization and a team of people behind the website itself, so you will often find that the standard of the websites itself will be much higher.

7. Because you are paying to use the services, there will be less of a need for ads on the dating website, and this will make your browsing time much more efficient and less irritating. No one likes advertisements, especially when you have a purpose to be online for.

6. You have more of a chance of meeting someone that is actually serious about dating when you use a paid website. Who is going to pay to have their profile put on a dating website when they are only looking for a cheap fling or a one night stand? Think about it logically – it just makes sense.

5. Sticking with the same theme, you are less likely to meet one night standers, married people, and generally time wasters on these sites, much for the same reason listed above.

4. You will generally find a better caliber of person on the paid website. A lot of people have access to the freebie sites, which can attract all sorts and walks of life of people. Those that pay are more serious about their quest for love, and will also generally spend more time on things such as their profiles.

3. A lot of the free sites are not actually free anyway – you may be able to browse members for free, but when it comes to actually sending a message, you will often find that you will be directed to a page that requires payment of some sort. By using a paid site right from the off, you are guaranteed not to be annoyed!

2. A lot of members on paid sites tend to find the services more reliable than those that you sign up for free on and you will notice this in many forums on the internet. It could be perhaps that the tech team is better because they are paid for, but whatever the reason, paid seems to be the way forward.

1. Finally, we come to the last advantage of using a paid site over a freebie one – A lot of the websites offer money back guarantees if you do not find your match within a certain time frame, so you get more confidence from using a service that is confident of their abilities. You cannot really argue with that!

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