Online Dating: Free sites' present seven advantages


Let’s set the scene – you have decided that you want to try your hand at the internet dating game and you sit down at your computer to find a good website to register your information on. The first question is almost the hardest part of the entire quest: what website should you use? With arguments for both paid and free sites, it would seem like an impossible choice, but with these seven great advantages of using a freebie site over one that you have to pay for, perhaps your mind will be swayed in the right direction.

1.  It’s free! You cannot really argue with a free service! It doesn’t cost you anything, and technically you have nothing to lose. It’s basically a win-win situation.

2.  The same members that are on the paid sites are often on the free ones too. This means that you will more than likely meet the perfect man regardless of what kind of website you sign up for, so what is the point in paying for it anyway?

3.  More people sign up to the free sites, simply because they don’t have to pay for them. This means that you will have access to many more dates, which in turn can be a good thing or a bad thing. It means that you may come across a lot of good people, but at the same time, you may come across a lot of bad people too, such as those that are married that are looking for a bit of excitement, those that want to cheat on their partners, those that are looking at online dating as a form of entertainment, and also those that are there to scam you.

4.  The services that you get on a free site are basically the same as those that you get on a paid one and a lot of people begrudge paying for something that you can get for free anyway. When you think about it; as long as you have the potential to browse members and send messages, as well as creating a profile, there really isn’t that much more you need.

5.  There is less pressure to find a match when you are not paying for a membership. If you have paid for six months, you may accept more dates that you wouldn’t normally go on simply because you don’t want to have to sign up for another six months and pay out the money again. With a free site, there is no payment, and therefore no time restriction, so you can take your time and only accept dates that you ACTUALLY want to go on!

6.  Paid sites are great for those that are new to the world of online dating because they can learn the ropes. From this point, you can either stick to the same website that you are using, or upgrade to a paid site. If you don’t really know how to date on the internet, there is no point in using a paid service as you probably won’t get what you are looking for.

7.  It has been commented on a few forums that the paid sites are actually filled with fake profiles in a bid to lure you in and get your hard earned cash, which basically means you will have much better luck on a free website where the people are actually real. Of course, this neither proved nor disproved, but it does get your mind thinking!

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