Online dating: Not desperate anymore


Once upon a time, online dating was considered a desperate last ditch attempt for those that were unlucky in love to find someone equally unlucky in love and hope that the relationship lasts the distance. This kind of taboo has taken years to be turned around, but it would seem that it has finally happened.

These days, online dating is a thing of normality, with more and more people choosing to use this virtual way of finding love than ever before. Many things have lead to this new reputation, of course, and it can’t be said for all members of the dating community – there are still some desperate weirdoes out there that just love to try their luck!

“I met my husband on an online dating website, and we have now been married for three happy years” Susan was a busy real estate assistant that had no time on her hands, and definitely none to go out and meet men. Susan practically changed the way I thought about dating forever. At first, I thought her to be sad, desperate, and not able to find love in the “real world”, now I think she had the right idea, and I have since delved into the world of online dating myself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of bizarre and garbage online dating experiences. There was the man that seemed so nice, but then we got drunk, had a one night stand and I never spoke to him again. He went a bit nuts on me to be honest, and if I was using that as my only example, online dating surely would be sad and desperate still.

However, I have also had my fair share of great online dating experiences. I have recently broken up with a lovely man that I dated for almost six months following an online dating website meet-up. We only broke up because I realized I wasn’t ready for a full on relationship yet – he was actually too perfect for words. Unfortunately, I had to set him free into the world of crazy, love-obsessed women for someone else to enjoy.

Online dating isn’t sad and desperate anymore simply because people just don’t’ have the time to date in the “conventional” ways anymore. How many times have you heard someone say “I met him in a bar/gym/cinema/at work?” These days, the meeting choice of many couples is via an online community of some description, and for those that have successfully managed to make it work – well done!

Online dating is just as difficult as real life dating, but for some reason, rejection in a virtual sense of the word seems to be easier to take than in a face to face environment. When you take that into consideration and combine it with the fact that you have access to hundreds, if not thousands of men; more so than you would ever meet in any other situation, you have a recipe for success that in the end, is bound to work!

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