Dating: Single ladies have it so hard


It is a well believed misconception that men have a much harder time of it than women do when it comes to dating. When you think about it, (and clearly this is from a females perspective) this is a lot of garbage. Yes, men are faced with their fair share of problems – they don’t want to look cheap so it’s all about the nice restaurant, expensive flowers, lots of gifts, etc.

Then there is the problem with always have to be in charge, or as tradition says – opening the door, asking her out, doing the chasing, making the first move, etc. When you think about it this way, it makes sense to believe that men have a harder time when dating than women do. However, men only really think of the short term, especially for their younger years. Women, on the other hand, think long term, and this is perhaps why dating IS actually harder for chicks than most guys think.

Women are looking for a man that is going to protect her, to be a good provider, be a good father, be good in bed, have a great sense of humor, makes her happy, etc. This means that they are thinking of the long term.

So when a guy accidentally jumps into bed with a girl; he’s thinking of the fun they are going to be having that night. Women make men wait; desperate to find out what kind of man he is, how he is going to be in the long term, how he is going to make her feel.

A single girlfriend of mine, Anna, said to me “There are all these hot guys on the internet dating website I’m on, and they keep sending me messages. I don’t know whether to respond because you can just tell some of them are out for one thing!”

What does this mean? She has all of these messages but she isn’t responding to any of them because they don’t fit her LONG TERM plan. This guy might be hot, but that guy has a better sense of humor, whereas the other guy has a picture of him playing with his nephew, which means he must be good with kids, right? It is much harder for a chick to find true love, because there is a long term plan in mind.

This is, of course, a stereotype of sorts when it comes to women, but to be fair, this is how the majority of the women on an online dating website are thinking. If she just wanted an “easy lay”, she would just head to the local bar and make her moves; she doesn’t have to trawl the internet. It is much easier for chicks to get laid than guys, and this is a very true fact.

In the argument of how much harder it is to date for men, and then for women; there is no easy answer. I guess both sides of the spectrum have their own difficulties and their own little drama’s when it comes to dating, both online and in “real life.”

Perhaps many of the men out there ARE looking for the long term? However, statistics and stereotypes over the years have lead us to believe that MOST men are only after one thing, whereas the ladies are thinking much further ahead. 

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