Dating and Relationships: Top Ten aphrodisiacs

In the first flourishes of a relationship, sex is something that comes very easy. Most couples are quite literally "at it like rabbits" in the first stages of their relationships, but a little while down the line and things may dry up a little. This seems to be the common complaint among couples in committed relationships anyway. It is at these sorts of times that you should be looking at adding a little something more to the mix to ensure that whatever sex you are having, whether it is everyday or once a month, it is as good as it should be to keep the flame alive.

When it comes to aphrodisiacs, you don’t want to know about all of them; you just want to know the details. Cold, hard facts! Thankfully, we are here to give it to you.

10. "R-e-s-p-e-c-t Find out what it means to me!" Come on ladies and gentleman; we all love this song. It rings true, alongside being a very catchy pop song. One of the biggest downfalls that go hand in hand with the lack of sex in a relationship is the lack of respect. This can act like one of the biggest aphrodisiacs in the world to a woman, especially. This is only the case if the respect is true and meant, however. You cannot pretend to respect a woman and believe she will fall for it.

9. Almonds. These nuts have been shown as a symbol of fertility in many cultures, and throughout many ages. It is the aroma that is said to work on a woman, and you can easily add this to your life with a little marzipan on the cakes that you are making, or by adding these nuts to salads, curries and much more besides.

8. Exercise! That dreaded word seems to be coming up more and more in public, and in the case of your sex life, it is very real. Being overweight will not only hinder you sexually by the way that you feel about yourself, but it can also cause a real problem to your libido, a man’s erection, and even fertility as a whole. It’s well worth jumping on that treadmill tonight!

7. "This **** is bananas: b-a-n-a-n-a-s!" Another popular chart hit, and another popular aphrodisiac! As well as their clear resemblance to the male reproductive system, they have many hormones contained within them that are actually NECESSARY for sex to happen. Potassium and various B vitamins are responsible for the boost to your sex life, as well as your general health.

6. Alcohol. Technically, this not actually an aphrodisiac, but many people believe it to be one, so it would be rude not to talk about it. Alcohol is a "fake" aphrodisiac; it doesn’t make your sex better per se; it actually just lowers your inhibitions, making you the confidence to do the things that you have always wanted to do.

5. Coffee. Caffeine as a whole is an aphrodisiac because it is a stimulant. Too much of the stuff, however, and it could very well have the opposite effect; causing the drinker to become very dependant, and actually making them suffer with withdrawals and a fairly serious addiction.

4. Oysters. This is the common cliché aphrodisiac, and it is not really the stuff within the oyster that makes it one; it is actually the look, appearance, and texture of the food that makes it as sexy as it seems. They do have plenty of nutrition, of course, and lots of protein, but with regards to sex hormones, it’s more the appeal and texture than the actual food content.

3. Vanilla has been said to increase lust for many years now, and is commonly used in candles for the seductive scene. A great idea to add this to your life is to use vanilla pods in glasses of champagne for a beautiful drink with an intoxicating nature.

2. Pineapple – there are actually hormones in this fruit that can lead to labor occurring with pregnant women, so you can imagine the assistance this great tasting fruit can have on your sex life! Lots of vitamin C is the answer, as well as the texture and tang of the food.

1. Although probably not the best, this next aphrodisiac is a delicious one! Chocolate. The Aztecs first made this a sexy food, with a close connection made with chocolate and the Gods. Caffeine, as mentioned above, is combined with powerful chemicals that work within the brain, as well as a serious bunch of antioxidants, making the mixture a very potent one indeed! A very tasty one too!

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